Get Your Alcohol Delivered This Labor Day Weekend:

Did you know that you can have any type of alcoholic beverage delivered right to your front door? I am completely serious, you can get your alcohol delivered this labor day weekend. Now, here is the best part, you get it in about one-hour. You heard me right, a one-hour delivery time.

Beer:Michelob Ultra

Are you looking to keep it light this labor day weekend? Then an ice-cold Michelob Ultra beer is just what the doctor ordered. A clean crisp, low carbohydrate, refreshing taste. This is beer that I personally keep stocked in my refrigerator.

Maybe a light beer is not your cup of tea, that’s alright. There is plenty of other beers for you to choose. Whatever brand of beer that you want, craft beer, an IPA, or just plain old Budweiser. It does not matter, you can have it delivered, so you can keep the party going. And you never have to leave the house.

Talk about a dream come true, stay at home drinking and never have to worry about running out of our favorite beverages. I wish that this delivery service was around in my younger days.

You Want Wine?

Not a beer drinker, maybe you like mellow out with a chilled glass of wine. No problem, guess what, you can have wine delivered to your home as well. You can get white wine, red wine, a rose`e, any kind of wine that you like.

I will admit it, I like a glass of wine myself once in a while. Drinking wine instead of beer, does not make you or I any less of a man. Believe it or not the brandy that we like to drink starts out as wine in the early stages.

Look it really does not matter what you decide to drink, you can still have it delivered to you. And it can be at your door in about one hour. How does that sound to you?

The Hard Stuff:

Oh yeah, let’s not forget about our favorites, whiskey, bourbon, gin, rum, tequila, or any other liquor that you like to drink. If you can find it in a liquor store, then you can find it here on this site.

That’s right, I have not told you where yet. Well let’s take care of that right now. ->->->CLICK HERE<-<-<- This will simplify things for you. Just click the link, and go order whatever your little heart desires. Seriously, it does not matter whatever it is that you want, you can get here. Go ahead and check it out for yourself, I would lie about this.The Hard Stuff

The Extra’s:

Not only can you have alcohol delivered, you can also have extra’s to help keep the party going. Like what, you ask. Well let me tell you. First there is the all important bags of ice. You need to be able to keep everything nice and cold, don’t you? What is the point of ordering drinks, if you can not keep them cold for your friends. So do not forget the ice.

Second, you need to have some snacks on hand. You can not have a party or gathering of friends, and not have something for them to nibble on. What kind of a host would that make you? Not a very good one, if you ask me.

Our main job whenever we have a get together with friends, is for everyone there to have a good time. Being able to have all of our beverages delivered is a big plus. Throw in the fact that we can get bags of ice, and snacks delivered as well is like winning the lottery.

Like I said earlier, I wish this delivery service was around in my younger days. It would have made things so much less complicated for me. At least now for you I have a way to make life a little bit easier.

Life Is Good:Ice

You know with all the improvements these days, Life really is good. Just think about it, with the internet, we never have to leave our homes. I suppose it was only a matter of time, before someone figured out how to deliver alcohol to us at home.

During this period of uncertain times, I think that delivery services like this on is a god- send. Particularly if you are agoraphobic. Meaning you have a fear of leaving the house.

I do not think that this makes you a bad person, or that you are a chicken. Having agoraphobia is a serious problem, and perhaps should be addressed by a professional. I am not saying that you are crazy. you are probably the smart one of us. Just know that you are not alone in this world.

Besides why should you leave the house? Your home is a haven for you. Plus now being able to get alcohol delivered to you, bonus time. So rejoice and stay home and order some drinks and snacks with your dinner order. No one here is going to judge you. We want to party, not make fun of anyone.

All that I want for everyone is to make life a little bit easier for you. Take some of the pressure off, so you can sit back and have a great time. We are here for a short period of time, let’s enjoy what we can while we can.

Remember if you do decide to get your alcohol delivered this labor day weekend. You can have it in about one hour. You can not ask for anything better than that. This is by far the absolute best delivery service that I have been able to find. I hope that you find something here that you will enjoy this weekend. At least if you are drinking at home, and you run out of beverages, or snacks. You can always come back and order more to be delivered. This way you can stay safe at home, and not go out for a drive to the liquor store. End up getting pulled over by the police, then getting a ticket for driving while intoxicated.

Remember to drink responsibly and drink and drive. Your friend John D.

Thank you.

Give A Gift That Keeps On Giving A Flaviar Membership:

Do You know someone special, and would like to give them a special gift? If so, this is the perfect place for you to be at now. I have the perfect gift for you to give them.

The Best Gift:

Do you have a special friend, or a significant other that enjoys a cocktail now and then? Are they getting tired of the same old thing? Would you like to give something different, other than flowers and a card. Perhaps they have a birthday coming up, or an anniversary. Or maybe you just want to say thank you for all that they do for you.

Give a gift that keeps on giving, a Flaviar membership. you have never heard of them, that’s crazy. Let me tell you a little bit about them. Flaviar is a free spirited company that believes the exploration of fine crafted spirits should be made available to everyone. Especially to those that have a love of alcohol. There are a lot of companies that offer this same service, but they do not come close to Flaviar.

Flaviar offers their members the best possible craft spirits that are out there. You do not get the same run-of-the-mill alcohol, like a bottle of gin, or a bottle of vodka. Now when you sign up for a Flaviar membership, you get so much more then the average bottle that is on the shelf at your local liquor store. And, to top it off, you do not even need to leave the house to enjoy these fine crafted spirits that you will not find anywhere else.

What You Get:

First things first, when you first sign up, you take a short survey. This is to help determine what types of spirits best suits you or the person you are getting the membership for. Do not skip the survey, it is very helpful. Now that’s out-of-the-way let us get into what you will get with your membership.

Now, you are probably asking yourself, what exactly am I going to get when I sign up. This is the fun part, every quarter ( every three months) you will receive in the mail one tasting box and a premium bottle of your choosing. The tasting boxes which you get to choose contains three 50ml.bottles. That is a darn good deal if you ask me. Plus let us not forget that you also get to choose a full size bottle as well. Remember that these spirits can not be found at your local liquor store.

The founders of Flaviar go above and beyond to curate fine crafted spirits from all around the world for you to try to enjoy. That right there is the value in the membership alone. Then we have to add up all the extra’s that you will get when you sign up. Makes this the best spirits club to join

Full Size Bottles

The Extra’s:

When this spirits club first started out, they did not offer full size bottles. However, due to the ever-changing world of fine spirits they recently improved on the club. you can now order a full size bottle of your choice every quarter. That is four full size bottles and four tasting boxes’s of three 50mi. Bottles a year.

As an added bonus they give you new entertainment from time to time. As well as invitations to members only tasting tours. See how the value just keeps growing? I have not found another spirits club that offers anything close to what Flaviar offers you. If you can find a better value, please feel free to leave me a note in the comments section, and I will revise this article.Flaviar Tours:

Distillery Tours:

To add even more value for being a member, Flaviar offers, free of charge, tours of the distilleries where the craft spirits are born. Plus you get exclusive tastings at the distillery. Do you want even more value? Then they have it, with exclusive live tasting events at the distilleries and bars. Meet the people behind the scenes of your favorite drinks. And discover new spirits that are sure to become your favorites.

There is so much more to come, as the founders continue work hard for you. They simply want the spirit lover in you to have the best experience that you possibly can have. Before I leave you today I have one more thing to share with you. And this could quite possibly be the best value of this membership.

Special Releases:The Vault:

Access their special releases, private bottlings, rare finds and drinks created exclusively for members. Once a month they open the vault and give you access to their private collection of vintage and rare finds, sourced from Kentucky to Tokyo.

Private bottlings, they are always on the hunt for rare inaccessible and elusive barrels. Once these barrels are found, Flaviar then bottles them, and makes them available to all members of this great spirits club. On the last note for today, I will leave you with this. Flaviar offers two membership periods. One to try, and one for those who dare to live life on the dangerous side. Which one are you?

First you have the quarterly membership $31.67 per month. Billed quarterly ( $95.00 )

Second you have the annually membership $ 25.00 per month. Billed annually ( 300.00 )

I sincerely hope that you found this article to be of some help for you. I have been around for a long time, and this spirits club is by far the best one that I have come across. If you are like me, and you have a love for fine crafted spirits. I am sure that you will absolutely love this club. If you have a special person in your life or just a really good friend, those are hard to find. I strongly’ recommend getting them a membership for this club. Or if you want, you can keep it for yourself and enjoy all the benefits that a Flaviar membership has to offer. So, go ahead and give a gift that keeps on giving a Flaviar membership.

Remember to always drink responsibly and never drink and drive. I love all of you.

Sincerely John D.


Moonshine, The Original Craft Alcohol:

MoonshineIn today’s article I hope you gain a certain amount of respect for the process that it takes to legally make moonshine. Remember it is illegal to produce moonshine without a permit.

The First Step:

MASHING IN; Mashing in the process of prepping the ingredients for making the alcohol. You will need cracked corn, water, the amount of water will determine how much alcohol you end up with. You will also need some yeast. The yeast is important, this is what causes the corn to break down. Now you still have not made alcohol. Some people even add sugar for the yeast to feed on.

Now that you have all the ingredients, we are ready to start. Add all the ingredients to the water in a clean container. This help insure you get a clean flavor from the finished product.

Stir everything together, so that it gets mixed well. And the sugar and the yeast does its job the way it should. Continue to stir for one hour and a half, in thirty minute increments. At the end of the hour and a half, it is now time to heat up the mixture. You want to bring the mixture to 150 degrees ferenhight. Also, you should keep stirring the mixture while it is heating up.

Once the mash reaches the 150 degree mark, you want to turn the heat off. The mixture needs to cool down to around 70 degrees. Keep in mind, that you should still stir the mixture every once in a while, as it is cooling. Now that you have the mixture has cooled, it’s time to cover and let it sit for at least two weeks. This is not a quick process, do you have some respect for the distillers yet? I know that I certainly do. By leaving the mixture sit for two weeks, we are allowing the fermentation take place. This is the time that the mixture is making the alcohol, that we all love, and enjoy so much.

The Fermentation:Fermentation Tanks

The tanks shown here are professional tanks, used by legal distillers. If you are making this at home yourself, you probably will not have fancy tanks. You will more then likely be using a bucket or a barrel. At this point I would like to add, that I do not condone the making of moonshine in your home. Or out in your backyard.

Like I said in the above paragraph, fermentation is where the mixture is turning to alcohol. You will know that the process is complete by the froth on top of your container. This will most likely be ready in about two to three weeks. At this point it is time to cook the mixture.

For this step you are going to need a still, and no, I do not sell stills here. If you want to purchase a still, I am pretty sure you can get everything you need at Amazon. I just give you the information about how alcohol is made. You can however get a finished legal product here. ->->-> Click Here <-<-<– There are also plenty of other fine crafted spirits to try.

Cooking The Mixture: Fancy Still

Once the mixture, or mash has been properly fermented, you can start to cook it. transfer the mixture to your still. Obviously your still will not look like this fancy one, which is a professional still used to make bourbon. Now that you have the mixture in your still, turn on the heat. Not to high though, you don’t want to burn the mixture. No one likes burnt whiskey.

After some time you will start to see liquor come out, when it starts to drip 4-5 drops per second, you want to turn down the heat. I personally do not know how long this step takes. I have never made moonshine myself.

The reason being that I have never made moonshine, is that it is not legal to make without a permit. And, if I ever did make some, I would probably use it for fuel in my vehicle. Seeing as how my car can run on, ( E85 ) ethanol, or corn fuel. This is a derivative of alcohol being made.

That’s right ethanol is a by-product of alcohol, and you need be aware of this. It is the first product to come out of the still. Ethanol has been known to cause blindness, as well as some stomach discomfort. You will know what it is by its smell, it has an odor like nail polish remover. You do not want to drink this part of what comes out of the still.

Enjoying The Fruit’s Of Labor:

About thirty percent of what come out of the still is not drinkable. You will know by the smell and taste of the product, and this will take some time for you to learn. The good news is that, once you make it enough times, you will get better at it. Practice makes us perfect. As with anything else in life, the more we do it, the better we get at it.

Making alcohol is a very dangerous process. There are many thins that can go wrong, it is best to leave it to the professionals. Remember I told you that making alcohol is not legal. There are serious consequences if you are caught in possession of unregulated alcohol. You can be hit with high fines, plus you can end up spending some time in jail.

So, if you decide to try to make your own alcohol, don’t say that I did not warn you. You are the one that made the decision to break the law, and you are the one that will have to pay for it. If you would like, you can try moonshine that has been legally made. And you can get it right from here, if you would like. I have provided a way for you to get it delivered to your home. Skip the hassle of trying to make it yourself, unless you are trying out for your own television show.

What Did You Think?

Today’s article, moonshine the original craft alcohol, we talked about how to make your own moonshine. And, yes, I left some things out. I will not be responsible for you breaking the law. How do you think I did explaining the process for you? I would like to hear from you, good or bad. I know that some of you will blast me for this, and some of you will love me for it. Get in touch with me, let me hear your thoughts on the subject, unless you are chicken.

Remember to drink responsibly and please do not drink and drive.

With love: John D.

There’s A New Sheriff In Town,Buffalo Trace Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey:

For those of you that have visited here before, you know that I like Jim Beam as my favorite bourbon. However, there is another bourbon that I like just as much. And we are going to talk about it today, so kick back and have a drink with me. We have a lot to cover with this article..

Buffalo Trace Bourbon:                                             

The Spirit To Explore:

Ancient age; Buffalo Trace, has been around for many years. This could quite possibly be the first time that you are hearing about it. And that is alright, this bourbon is an 80 proof spirit that has been known for quality. And, now, it is going to get even better then it is. The distiller are using a new process, they will be using a chill filtration system. This new process will improve the color of the bourbon as well as flavor. Giving it an all around taste experience.

AAA 10 Star:

This one weighs in at 90 proof,rye Kentucky straight bourbon whiskey. It is by far the most complex bourbon on today’s market. At, 6 years of age,AAA 10 star, has a gentle spice, as well as a licorice attack on the finish, that backs down to intense cream toffee. It is a flavor to be savored by all bourbon enthusiasts. Note, you can only get this particular version in the state of Kentucky.

Tour Information:

Have you wanted to take a tour of a distillery? Consider a trip to Kentucky, and kill to birds with one stone. That’s what I said, Buffalo Trace, as well as Jim Beam, are both distilled in Kentucky. Buffalo Trace offers visitors three distinct tours, year round Monday through Friday 9am-3pm. And, on Saturdays from, 10am-2pm.

The Trace Tour; A journey through the origins of the buffalo trace distillery. Experience a century-old warehouse, walk down the line of the hand bottling hall, where all of the premium bourbon receive some tender loving care before leaving the distillery.

The Hard Hat Tour; This tour takes guests behind the scenes to see where all the magic of bourbon making take place. From the grain delivery, to the cooking process, to the fermentation tanks. You will see it all first hand, this tour is available during distilling season only. Call them for reservations at 1- 800-654-8471.

The Post Prohibition Tour; This tour exposes visitors to the architecture and history of the post- prohibition bourbon industry. The end of prohibition was a new beginning for the distillery. Buffalo Trace distillery survived the prohibition by re-branding their bourbon for medicinal purposes. And, with the appeal of prohibition, Americans were once again thirsty. You can witness the building boom that occurred during this time ( 1930- 1950 ) and get a peek at some future plans that the distillery has in mind. You need to call for reservations for this tour as well 1- 800- 654-8471.Bourbon Barrels

Roll Out The Barrel:

This is what sets Buffalo Trace apart from all other bourbon distillers. While most other distillers use charred oak barrels, Buffalo Trace uses new , clean oak barrels. Giving their bourbon a nice smooth, easy drinking bourbon. Also, as part of their tours, they offer a unique souvenir. You can choose to leave with your very own barrel of Buffalo Trace bourbon. A perfect gift for those who do not know what to get the person that has everything. Take a trip to Frankfurt Kentucky and visit the Buffalo Trace distillery to experience a day of southern hospitality, and leave with the ultimate gift.

Come visit the most awarded bourbon distillery. explore the bourbon region, and discover that there used to be more than two- hundred distilleries that were scattered throughout the landscape of central Kentucky before prohibition. Today, just eight remain. And, each one is as different as the bourbon that they produce.

The Buffalo Trace Cafe`:Firehouse Cafe`

After a day of touring the distillery, take a short walk from the visitors center to Buffalo Trace firehouse cafe`. Where you can enjoy favorite specials like, the E.H. all American sub sandwich. Or, a bung up chicken salad sandwich, or the Elmer T. Lee banana pudding. All while watching barrels of fine Kentucky bourbon roll by. See authentic fire coats, and boots that were worn by distillery worker in 50’s and the 60’s. When the firehouse was in full swing at the distillery. Before you leave the distillery, do not forget take a picture with your friend ,or loved ones, with the 1964 Ford fire truck. How is that for a perfect end to a perfect day?

Just, yesterday my wife asked me what was on my bucket list, you know, the list of things to do or see before you die. And, I told her, a trip to Kentucky to visit the buffalo trace distillery as well as the Jim Beam distillery. I would also like to go to Nashville to see the grand-old o prey. As, well as, visit the Ronnie Kicks vineyard. But, I suppose that these trips will have to wait until the pandemic is under control. And, all of the states allow us to travel freely. Which, should be very shortly, at least we all hope. I know, you all are itching to get back out there, so am I. Have you seen that they are starting close bars and restaurants down again. Does this make you angry? you can not go out for a cocktail or two, and you do not feel like going to the liquor store.  did you know that you can now have alcohol delivered to your door? Yes it is true, you can have alcohol delivered to your home. Don’t believe me, I will prove it to you. Check at the end of this article.

Have A Spirited Day:
I hope that you found today’s topic there is a new sheriff in town buffalo trace Kentucky straight bourbon, interesting. If you did or did not, I want to hear from you. Let me know your thoughts on the article. If you happen to take a trip to the buffalo trace distillery let me know how it is. Have you ever been to any other distillery? I would love to hear about, or any other trip for the matter.

Remember to drink responsibly, and never drink and drive. With love John D.

God bless.

I Don’t Have A Drinking Problem, I Drink, I Get Drunk, I Fall Down, No Problem:

I know it is a funny saying, back in the ’80s I’ actually had a T-shirt that said this phrase. So, I thought that I would revitalize the saying today.Falling Down Drunk

Do I Have A Problem?

This is a very common question among those people who tend to drink more so then others do. If we were talking about the past, say, 1987-1989 I would have to say yes. That is if we are talking about me. Maybe even earlier then 1987, probably more like 1985. My favorite saying was I don’t have a drinking problem, I drink, I get drunk, I fall down, no problem.

Today If were to say that phrase, then I would definitely think that I have a drinking problem. So, do I have a problem? The answer is a big fat no. I do not have a problem with drinking alcohol. I still drink every once in a while, a beer or two. Maybe I will have a cocktail every now and again. If you are going out and drinking till you pass out on someone’s lawn, then I would say that you have a drinking problem. Would’nt you? A few year’s back, I was told a story of what used to happen in Virginia. The Norfolk area to be more specific. This is where there is a big naval base. The residents of the town would have signs on their lawns. These signs would say dogs and sailors keep off the grass. They were coming out in the morning to get their paper, and were finding sailors in uniform passed out on the lawn. Thankfully this never happened to me.

Fixing The Problem:Alcoholics Anonymous

If you think that you may have a drinking problem, there is help for you. You are not alone in this situation. There are millions of people on this planet, that have the same issue. All you need to do is take that first step, this is the big step. Admit that you have a drinking problem. After you admit having a problem, the rest is a walk in the park. I know how you feel, I have been there myself.

One day, I woke up and said to myself, John, what the heck are you doing to yourself? Then I answered myself, you are killing yourself. I did not go to alcoholics anonymous meeting, I simply dealt with the problem myself. After all, at the time I had not hurt anyone other than myself. Unless, you want to count my naval career. It is my belief that if I was not struggling with alcohol addiction, I would have stayed in the navy and made a life of it.

After, you admit that you have a drinking problem, it is time to seek some help. Ask a friend for help, chances are that he, or she is willing to walk you to a meeting. Now, there is nothing to be ashamed of. ALCOHOLISIM IS A DISEASE. One that can take everything that you hold near and dear in your life. I was lucky enough to figure this out before the wife and kids came along. So, please if you think you have a drinking problem, go get some help before it is too late.

Take It From Me:

do you still want to have a cocktail or two? This is how it happened for me by the way. After, I admitted that I had a drinking problem, I still was able to enjoy a cocktail or two now and then. I just did not go overboard like I used to. If I was not still drinking, I probably would’nt be writing about alcohol.

You can take a page from my book, and still be able to enjoy some drinks with friends and family. If you are drinking to the point that no one wants to be around you, then you definitely need to take a step back and seek professional help. This is just my opinion though. You can listen to me, or you can ignore me. It is your choice. Get some help, or lose everything around you. Your family, your home, your car, and your dignity. Alcoholics anonymous is a great place to start.

Not Into The 12 Step Program:12 Step Program

So, you do not want to do a 12 step program, I don’t blame you, neither did I. Once I finally realized that I had a problem with alcohol, I was able to get a handle on it, and keep it under control. Even, after, I got out of the navy, and came home to raise a family. A 12 step program is geared towards people that have caused harm to others due to their drinking. And, the person that I harmed was myself. I did not think that I had to do a 12 step program to make amends to myself, do you?

If you ask me as long as you have done no harm to anyone else, there is no reason for a 12 step program. Just take it one day at a time like I do. This way you can still enjoy a drink or two once in a while. That is the key to my solution for this problem. Have a drink once in a while, not every day. We have the ability to change, we just have to want to make the change in our lives for the better. Going down the same spiraling road will lead us to nowhere in a hurry. I was one of the lucky ones, while I was still in the navy, I was able to attend ( NADSAP) navy alcohol, drug, substance abuse program. This is where I learned that I had a problem, and how I learned to control it. It was a five-day mandatory class for the entire command. Everyone on the ship had to go to the class at one time or another. I thank god for this class, I believe it saved my life.

I’m Free:

Now I am free of the drinking abuse, however, I still have a cocktail once in a while. Usually on the holidays like Christmas and new year’s eve. I still kick back with a beer on the weekends, or have a glass of wine with my beautiful wife.

Remember, Please drink responsibly, and do not drink and drive, love John D.

Have a blessed day my friends.

A Great Cure For Mask Breath, Use Alcohol:

Since the pandemic has started, and we all need to wear a mask in public, and large gatherings. Have you noticed that your breath is a little off, more then usual? If so, continue reading, I have found a great cure for this problem.

Bad Breath:Face Coverings

I don’t know about you, but since this pandemic has started, and we all need to wear a mask or a face covering, I have noticed that my breath is a little bit off. Even after, brushing my teeth in the morning.

Maybe, just maybe, it is due to the coffee that I drink every morning before work. Whatever it is that is causing the problem, it is very present. I do not know about you, but as for me, I do not like it. That is why I have searched for ways to combat the situation. Would you like to know what I have found? Good stick around for the rest of the article, and I will share my findings with you.

Solution # 1:

The first solution that I found is my absolute favorite way to combat mask breath is, drink some alcohol. I know, I sound like an alcoholic, that is because I am an alcoholic. Hi, my name is John, and I’m an alcoholic. I say this because years ago I had a serious problem with drinking. Now, I have my drinking under control. Don’t get me wrong, I still drink alcohol, however I do not drink as much as I used to.Alcohol Abuse The face of alcohol abuse is not pretty.

This why at the end of every article I stress the fact of drinking responsibly. Meaning, you can still enjoy a cocktail now and then. Just do not let it take control of your life. I do not want to see you out in the streets homeless, or your marriage fall apart. It is alright to drink alcohol, as long as you are responsible with your drinking.

What To Drink:

What do I recommend as a great cure for mask breath, use alcohol of course. It does not matter to me, any variety will get the job done. I do suggest that when you do have a cocktail or two, that you do so in the comfort of your own home.

Drinking At Home


Over the past couple of years, I have found that drinking at home is more enjoyable then being in some bar. Being home with the one that I love, and having a drink at the end of the day is very relaxing for me. As, I have said above whatever you like to drink will get the job done. Grab your favorite cocktail, cozy up to that special someone, put your feet up and enjoy a quiet, peaceful evening.

Decisions, Decisions:

Now, you have to decide what you want to drink, I know it’s the hardest part of the day, is’nt it? I have the exact same problem every night. I ask the little woman what she wants, and her response is always the same, I don’t care. Drives me insane, or to drink. My go to beverage these days been an age-old favorite of mine for many years. Mr. Jim Beam a smooth bourbon. After, which I will chase down with an ice- cold beer.

Do you have the same problem as me? then I have the solution for you. Did you know that you can have alcohol delivered right your doorstep? You did’nt know? Then >>>>Click Here<<<< now you can shop from the comfort and safety of home, and have delivered to you. You do not have to leave the house, and run out to the liquor store anymore. You now have many options for shopping these days. And, yes that means you can now shop for alcoholic products online, and get them delivered straight to your front door. Or, your backdoor if that is what you prefer. In this difficult time that we are living in, it can be a little scary out there. I completely understand, this is the reason why I started this site. I want to help ease your tensions and set aside your fears. I myself am a home body, if I never had to leave the house I would be in my glory.

Reach Out:

At this time of my article, I would like to say if you are having any kind of difficulties, there are plenty of places for you to find help. Some of you may be feeling isolated during this period we are in. If this is the case, you should talk to someone, it does not have to be a professional, you can talk to a friend, or close relative. Listen, I love all of you, and I do not want see anything happen to you. If you need someone to talk to I am here for you. Leave me a response in the comment section, and I promise that I will get back to you. And, I will do my absolute best to help find a solution for the problem.

There is no reason for you take your own life, there is way to many things to live for in this life. It may seem like there is no way out. But there is a solution for every problem out there. There are thousands of people experiencing the exact same thing that you are going through. Pick up the phone call someone, get online and do a search. As, a matter of fact there is a place called Head Space that you go to right from your smart phone. Take it from Micheal Phelps, you know the Olympic swimmer. He is a big advocate for Head Space. And I hear that it is a great place to talk things out with someone who knows how to help you.Head Space Like I said above, if you need someone to talk to, do not be afraid to reach out and get some help.

As always remember to drink responsibly and please never drink and drive.

with love, John D. Have a blessed day my friends.

Beer Goggles For Everyone:

Beer has been letting ugly people, like me, have sex for centuries. You know what I am talking about, we have all been there one time or another.

Those Lovely Goggles:Beer Goggles

Most of you know exactly what I am talking about, but some of you younger one may not. So, I am going to attempt to fill you in. Beer googles is reference to when we have had too much to drink. Then the person who you normally would not go home with, suddenly become the most attractive person on the planet.

Drinking beer, or alcohol in general makes us feel invincible. It also distorts our vision. We feel happy as well, unless of course you are a mean drunk. And when we feel happy, that not so good-looking person sitting next to us at the bar, all of a sudden becomes Bo Derrick or whatever super model you fantasize about. We end up in bed with and do not even realize it until the next morning.

The Next Morning:

This is where things start to become interesting. When wake up the next morning and do not realize something happened until you roll over, and there is someone laying next to you. And, the very first words out of your mouth, is what the hell did I do. This does not apply to just men, this happens to women as well. Ther is however, some good news. There has been a lot of marriages take place because of this phenomenon. I know, it sounds impossible, but it is true. Think about it for a second.

You went out the night before, had a few to many beers and went home and had sex with someone. You did not plan on any of this happening. But you had sex, what can happen when you have sex. Especially when we are drunk, we forget the all important condom. The next thing you know someone is pregnant. This is something that happens all the time. Now you know what beer googles are. And, why I say beer has helped ugly people have sex for centuries.Pregnant Woman

Doing The Right Thing:

Do I have your attention now? Good, because now comes the harsh realality. You yourself ( a woman) or you ( a man ) got pregnant. You did not want this to happen, but it did, and now you need to deal with the situation. Ultimately this is the woman’s decision. After, all it is her body that carrying another human being inside of her. You are the man and should take responsibility for knocking her up.

In general, this usually means getting married. So, the two of you need to decide if that is what you want to do. There are of course other ways to deal with the situation. Like abortion, but I do not condone this act. There is also joint custody, and you as the man should help out financially, but, if you ask me, the best way to deal with this is to get married. A lot of couples have started out this way, and made it work for a lifetime. I have always believed that it was meant to be, it is going to happen. And, most times it turns out to be a wonderful situation.

Making It work:

Now, just because you went home with someone that normally you would not have, does not mean that this person is ugly. Every single person in this world has some kind of beauty about them. This person may not be a super model, but is special in some other way. I am willing to bet, that this person is not as unattractive as you first thought. Maybe, there was some other reason you had for not getting with this person in the past. It is my belief that we should take the time to get to know one another. No matter what we think about them, everyone of us has been put on this earth for one purpose or another. Regardless of the color of skin, or what religion we practice, we all came from One creator. I believe that everyone of us should do our best to get along with one another. So what, you got someone pregnant it is not the end of the world. Maybe, just maybe it is the beginning of the world.Getting Married

In today’s time, it is more important then ever to try to get along with our neighbors. Regardless of the color of their skin, or the religion that they practice. In one way or another we are all the same. If we bleed, we bleed the same color red. So get rid of the hate that’s in your heart, and let love in. Maybe, we should all drink more beer, and wear those damn’d old beer goggles. We become better people with them on. Beer goggles for everyone. All of us beautiful people drink more beer, and enjoy life for a change.

I would like to know if any of you have encountered this situation in your life. If you have, please, let me know. I would like to know how it all worked out for you. I would greatly appreciate it. So, do not be shy, leave me a comment below. I reply to everyone, good and not so good. Go ahead, I have broad shoulders, I can take it.

Have A Great Day:

Today I talked about beer goggles for everyone. And what they are. And the fact that beer has helped ugly people have sex for thousands of years. Think about it, this may be how you ended up being here on God’s green earth. More then likely you did come from an unexpected or unplanned pregnancy. Perhaps, the consumption of beer or some other alcohol contributed to your parents getting together in the beginning. I am willing to bet, that if you went and asked dear old mom and dad, they more then likely met at a party, or at a bar on a night out with some friends.

As always, drink responsibly, and please don’t drink and drive.

sincerely: John D.

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Wine Is Fine, But Liquor Is Quicker:

Wine is fine, but liquor is quicker, a great line in the song suicide solution by Ozzy Ozbourne. We are not talking about suicide today. I have my heart set on something more fun, cocktails of course. So, stick around for a while, won’t you?

My Favorite Booze:My Favorite booze

Well if you don’t know me, Jim Beam has always been my go to for a buzz. Way back in high school when everyone was going to the old logging trail to hang out, and drink. They were all chugging down Jack Daniel’s of course. Me being who I am, I was never one to follow the crowd. This leads me to my favorite booze.

Jim Beam, now do not get me wrong. I like Jack Daniel’s just as much as the next guy or gal. It’s, just that I was always different from everyone else. No I’m not gay, if that is what you were thinking. My father was in the US Navy, so we moved around a lot. When we finally got to New York state, I was not accepted at school. If you did not start there in kindergarten, you were considered an outsider.

By the time I hit high school, I had found my own way in life. Once I was finally a part of the crowd, I already had my favorite booze. So, when, all the others were drinking Jack Daniel’s I was drinking Jim Beam. I simply found Jim Beam to be a smoother taste. It gets aged a bit longer so it comes out smoother than old#7. Before I move on, I should point out that Jim Beam is aged in used barrels bought from Jack Daniel’s. So, in essence Jim Beam and Jack Daniel’s are brothers, or in the least first cousins.

My Second Favorite:My Second Favorite

Yup, you guessed it, good old ( #7 ) Mr. Jack Daniel’s. See I told you, I like Jack Daniel’s just as much as the next person. It does not matter where in the country you go, or what bar you visit, every whiskey slinger know how to make a cocktail or two with Jack Daniel’s. Unless, of course, you visit the county that it is distilled in. The county that they make Jack Daniel’s in is considered a dry county. That means that they can not sell alcohol.

Just imagine, you work all day distilling one of America’s best sold alcoholic beverages, and at the end of the day, you have to travel out of town to get drink. But, that is how it is. As far as I know, the same people have been working in the distillery forever. I guess there are worse jobs out there to have.

Drink What You Like:

If you are just starting to explore alcohol, I would suggest trying different types of alcohol to see what you like. The best way that I have found to this, is to purchase the airline bottles. They are like little samples you can get in just about any liquor store you go into.Airline Bottle You can usually find them in the front of the store. And they are reasonably priced, so you can buy several of them at one time. I do not suggest that you drink them all at one time. You won’t figure out which one’s you like, you will just end up getting drunk. But, hey if that is what you are after, then who am I to stand in the way?

A little side note for you. Airline bottles of whiskey, make a great stocking stuffer for the holidays. Every year my sister-inlaw throws an ugly sweater party around Christmas time. Everyone who attends the party is required to bring a sock full of stuff. Most of us go to a dollar store and buy little trinkets. And some end up at a liquor store. I just about always end up with one of the socks full of the airline bottles. I am starting to think that the girls want to get me drunk.

Have Some Fun:

Whatever it is that you decide to do, have some fun with it. You can still drink and have a good time, just as long as you do not get to a point where you feel like you are ten feet tall and bullet proof. I have a news flash for you, you are not ten feet tall and bullet proof. Being out friends or family, and having a cocktail or two should be a fun time. When you drink a little more then you should have, sometimes we can feel invincible. Alcohol allows us to lose our inhibitions, so we end up doing stupid things. Then when we wake up in the morning, we realize we did some things that we regret. This happens quite often when we are younger in our years. I am just giving you youngsters fair warning. You will more then likely do some stupid things after a night out on the town, drinking with friends.

There is some good news though, you will become wiser with age. Sure, shake your head and laugh at me, I do not mind. Just remember that this old bird was once a young man. And let me tell you, I did some stupid things when I was young. Heck, I still do some stupid things. I would tell the stupid things that I did, but we do not have the time for it. We would be here all day, and night. I’m sure that you can probably relate to this, can’t’t you?Having Fun I sometimes think as adults we should look back when we were children. Remember the fun we had and the games we played? Think about it this way, what the eight-year-old versions of ourselves think of us today? Would we like the person we have become? Or would our eight-year-old versions want to kick our buts? I am pretty darn sure that mine would want to kick my butt from end of the room to the other end. Wine is fine but liquor is quicker, this is true. That does not mean that we have to be jerks when we enjoy some cocktails.

Keep In Touch:

As we grow older we lose touch with friends. Would’nt it be nice to reconnect with some of them. Call them up, invite them over for dinner and drinks. Alright, I think I have kept you long enough for now.

Jim Beam Kentucky Straight Bourbon, is, and will always be my favorite cocktail to have. Sure there will be others that I will have, but, they will never hold a candle to that teenage favorite of mine.

No matter what the alcohol industry come out with, Jim Beam will always sit in the front of my liquor cabinet.

Please remember to drink responsibly, and please do not drink and drive

Sincerely: John D. Have a blessed day my friends.

Chill Out With A Frozen Beer: A new trend.

In light of the hot weather that we are experiencing this summer. There is a new trend taking hold this summer, frozen beer. The ultimate adult slushy.

Choose A Beer:

Choose a beer, any old beer will be just fine. Do you have a favorite beer? Well, good you can certainly use it. Now, why don’t we try something new? I mean we are already trying this new trend, why not try a new beer? Like say any one of the new craft beers that are now available.

If you are an old-fashioned person, there is no reason why you can not use the beer that you have been drinking since the beginning of time. Some of us started at a very young age, like myself, I was three years old when I had my first beer. If I can remember the story correct, it was a Coors. That’s the beer that my father always drank. So naturally it became my beer of choice.

These days I like to try other brands, and recently I have been venturing into the craft, or micro brews. And to my surprise, they are quite refreshing. So, the advice that I have for you, is stop being a stick in the mud, and throw caution into the wind. Try a craft beer today.

Freeze It Up:

Freezing your beer can be a little bit tricky, especially if you leave it in the bottle. As most people know, when liquid freeze’s’es it expands. And, as it does this, it wants to escape from the container that it is in. I think you can guess what happens to the bottle now. That’s right the bottle will crack, making the beer undrinkable. Believe me, no one wants to drink beer or any other beverage with shards of glass in it.Wasted Beer:

I recommend that you pour the beer into a plastic or a metal cup. This will allow the beer to expand and the plastic cup will let the expansion happen, with no problem. The plastic will stretch with the expanding liquid. The metal cup will contain the beer and provide a give while the expansion takes place. Meaning the beer will expand upwards, not outwards.

You may be asking yourself, can beer really freeze? Well, yes it can. Beer has enough water content in it to be able to freeze. Go ahead give it a try, don’t be shy.

Keep An Eye On It:

You need to keep an eye on the beer as it is freezing. We do not want the beer to become solid. If you leave it in the freezer for too long it will become a solid. That is not what we want to have happen. You want the beer to become the consistency of a slushy. You know, it’s like when we were kids and going to 7-11 and getting a Slurpee. Remember those? Ice cold refreshment on a hot summer day. unless, you have a machine at home that keeps the beer moving around at a temperature that keeps it from fully freezing.

This is going to require a little work on our part. You can not just put the beer in the freezer and forget about it. it is not a set it and forget process. You want to go to the freezer about once an hour, just to take a look at how much ice is accumulating in the container. Give the beer a stir when you are checking on it. this will help keep it from freezing all the way. Once you have it to where it is partially frozen, you are ready to stick a straw in it and enjoy the ice-cold refreshment. Does this bring back some childhood memories or what? Only, in a more adult sense.Slushy Beer I am sure that this will be a big hit for your next party, or backyard barbecue. Your friends will not be able to stop talking about this one, you big party animal you.

Enjoy The Summer Heat:

Instead of complaining about the summer heat, enjoy it. Last week I gave you a way to keep cool with white wine, this week I have given you a way to beat the heat with a frozen beer. unless of course you have a health condition, where the heat makes it difficult for you to be outside. In wich case, you can still enjoy a frozen beer indoors.

Lately my wife has been yelling at me to spend more time outside, I do not like the heat. The heat and my bad heart do not get along very well. Now that I have a way to cool off, I can spend some more time outside with her and my son who lives with us. So grab life by the horns, freeze some beer, just not all the way. And enjoy some good time with friends and family.

Thank You:

Thank you very much for stopping by today, I really appreciate it. I hope that you have found something here today that is helpful. When I ran across this topic, I said John, you have to share this story with anyone who will listen. And here we are,this is my goal in life , to help as many people that i possibly can. When I find or hear about topics such as this one I will always pass it on to you. Do you have something that you want to hear? Let me know I am happy to assist in order to make life more enjoyable for you. Cocktails are great way to enjoy life if you ask me. That’s just my oppinion though, we have been enjoying cocktails since the beginning of time. And even Jesus Christ our lord turned water into wine once. Atleast that’s the story that is told in the bible. I know not everyone believes in the bible, but I do not want to debate scripture here. if you are looking for that, there are plenty of sites out there.
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Remember, please drink responsibly, and please do not drink and drive.

sincerely: John D. Have a blessed day my friends.

Beat The Heat With White Wine:

Have you noticed that this summer has been hotter than normal? Then sit back and let me help you cool off.White Wine

The Cure For The Summer Blues:

This summer has been a hot one, but that is no reason for you stay cooped up in the house. Everybody has a favorite activity that they love to do. Perhaps you like go boating, or pitch a tent in the woods. Whatever it is that you like to do. don’t let the heat of summer stop you.

Go to the local liquor store and grab a bottle or two of your favorite white wine. Find a comfortable place to park your but, and pour a glass of chilled white wine for yourself and a friend. Just picture it, the two of you sitting on the deck of a boat, or stretched out in a lounge chair somewhere in the woods. You do not even have to leave the house. You can sit in the back yard and enjoy some nice chilled white wine. I know that this weekend I will be enjoying some with the wife in our back yard.

No Place To Go:

Listen, I get it, I really do. This year has been a tough one, with the pandemic. Some places are still restricted, we are not able to travel. But that is just fine, you do not need to go far. You can have a stay cation. I know it is not what any of us wanted for the summer, trust me I had plans of going out of state with the wife for our anniversary in September. Now, our plans have changed. We will be staying somewhere in our home state.

The wife and myself have been looking in the lake George region. We went there a few years back, when we renewed our vows for our twenty-fifth wedding anniversary. It was a little place called The Blue Lagoon. Although it is not a resort, just a hotel on the lake. We still were able to sit in some Adirondack chairs and share some wine, while we watched the sun set.Lake Sunset I think this year we are going to stay at an all-inclusive resort on the lake. It all depends on if they offer dinning service at the time we want to go. So, we will see. Wish us luck,won’t you?

Keep The Wine Chilled:

Now, if you want to beat the heat with white wine, you need keep it chilled. Drinking warm wine is not going to help you cool off. How do I keep it cold you ask, if you are staying home keep it in the refrigerator. It only takes one of you to walk back inside for refills.

The other way to keep the wine chilled is to keep it in a bucket of ice. Personally this is my favorite way of doing it. Not only do I not have to get up, and go inside for another glass, but, it looks more romantic. Can you picture it, a bottle of wine nestled down in a bucket filled with ice cubes? That is the stuff that movies are made of. I know now I sound like a sap. I am after all a hopeless romantic. If you ask my wife this, she would more than likely laugh and say not my husband. However, I can be a die hard romantic when I have the urge to be so.

Chilled Wine

Which Wine To Choose:

This can be a tricky situation. Depending on who you talk to. It seems like everyone is an expert on wine these days. My solution to this problem is simple. Try several kinds, then stick with the one you like the best. I am tired of listening to so called experts. No matter what, it all comes down to taste. What you like, not what someone else likes.

I am not saying,don’t’t listen to other people, by all means talk to your friends. See what they like for white wines, and give it a try. If you happen to like it, great. If you do not like it, give another one a try. Keep tasting different white wines until you find one that you enjoy drinking. In today’s market there are so many brands, as well as flavors to try. You could be testing a different white wine every night of the week.

This is what the summer is for, hanging out with friends, kicking back and drinking some ice-cold wine. White wine is made for the summer months. Red wines are more for the colder months if you ask me. So, stop hiding in the house, sitting in front of the air conditioning. Get up, go out, and share some chilled white wine with your friends or family. I know for a fact that they will pay you back ten-fold. You know that Christmas is not far off, if you treat your friends well now. They will treat you well at the holidays. Perhaps they could be showing up on your doorstep with a bottle of something to warm you up, on those cold winter nights. Like a bottle of a nice brandy, but that’s for another story, another time.

Keep Some On Hand:

Since it is summer, we know that eventually someone is going to show up on our doorsteps. It is a good practice to keep some white wine in the ice box. We do not want to disappoint our friends or family, do we? Due to the pandemic this year most of the local bars and restaurants, are still closed. Or are operating at half capacity, but does not mean that we can not get together. I served this great nation of ours, so I will be dammed if they tell me I can not have friend or family over to my own home. I will invite someone who I do not know to have a drink with me. That is just who I am, a giver.

I would like to thank you for stopping by today, I hope that I was able to help you in some way today. Let me know how you make out with your search for a way to, beat the heat with white wine. What wine did you choose? Maybe I would like that one. How did your friends like the wine you chose?

Remember to drink responsibly, and never drink and drive. Love John D.