3 Day Site Wide Sale $8.00 Off $30.00 Or More For New Customers:

Here we are, once again with a three-day sale for the weekend. I am happy to bring you this sale just in time for the weekend, do not miss out this one. Here is the code to get your $8.00 off a purchase of $30.00 or more. Use code OCT8

Finally, Friday:Finaly Friday:

It seems like this is becoming the normal around here. Every Friday we are having a sale, and it is always for new customers. This means you, the person reading this article.

Are you going to complain, you should’nt, you are a new customer to me. Even if you have been to this site before, you have not made a purchase. So, you are a new customer, and you are entitled to this discount. Remember this sale is here until Sunday, after that the sale is over. Take advantage of me today, do not wait. I don’t want you to miss this huge opportunity. You know that the holidays will be here very soon, use this sale to stock up on all the essentials you will need to keep your guest happy.

Makes Me Happy:

Happy DaysIt gives me great pleasure to bring these weekend sales to you. I know that times are tough all over the country. You could use a little bit of relief, the government is not going to help you. So, I will give you some help. Helping people is what I like to best, I have been helping people my whole life.

Now I get to help you save some money on something that we all like, alcohol. Plus anything else that you need for a fantastic weekend. Whatever you add to your cart, you will receive the $8.00 discount on it. You heard me right, anything in your cart gets the discount. And, the best part of this is, you never have to leave the house.

Depending on where you live, you can have the entire order shipped right to your front door, usually in about one-hour. The one-hour delivery time is not available in all areas. You, can check if where you live, the one-hour delivery is available by typing in your address. You will be asked this once you go to order, part of the standard process.

Be A Hero:Your A Hero:

This weekend it is supposed to get a little cold. It is the perfect time to order some alcohol, and stay in. Place your order today to make sure that it will get to in time.

This way you can be your partners hero, even it is for one day. We can make a difference in someones life, one cocktail at a time. Take some time out of a busy life, spend some quality time with someone that you care about.

Trust me, when I tell you, spending some time with someone can have a big impact on their life, as well as your life. You never know if they need that companionship to help their mental state of mind. Plus a cocktail or two could be very helpful to them as well. Alcohol, helps us to relax, and unwind from the stresses of day to day duties. Why not spend some quality time with someone special and have a drink or two. Get reacquainted with that special someone this weekend.

Feel Like A King:

Besides being someone’s hero this weekend, saving some money on the alcohol, can make you feel like a king. I know you know what I am talking about. Any time we save money on anything that we purchase, we fell like we are kings. Remember when you went to the car lot and were able to talk the salesperson down in price? Did you fell like a king that day?

Saving money on alcohol can give you that same feeling. Even if it is for one day, or for the whole weekend, go ahead feel like a king and save that money. You don’t even have to leave to house for this to happen. How does that make you feel? Like a king! I certainly feel like a king when I have my alcohol delivered to the house. However, I do not get the discount like you do.

Look, I want you to have a good time, I also want you to be safe, and stay healthy. We are still living in uncertain time. I do not want to see you end up with covid-19 virus, because you had to run to the store for more booze. This is why I have this site, and an affiliate program to sell the alcohol to you, and you do not have to leave the house, and put yourself, and family members at risk of getting sick. Order from here, stay home, and save some money. How can it be any simpler than that?

Be a hero, and feel like a king. Help a friend or a family member that may be having a tough time. The colder weather is starting to come back around. And with it, the virus is making it’s way back around as well. It is my intention to help you stay safe and keep healthy. We all need to do our part to flatten the curve. The best way to that is to stay indoors, especially since it is flu season on top of everything else. The flu is another virus that kills people as well as covid 19. No one is immune to either of these two viruses. My advice is to stay home and drink with friends and family that we know who are not infected.

If you would like to participate in this sale, remember to use code OCT8 when you check out. That is all you need to get the $8.00 discount. Chances are that next weekend, we will have another 3 day site wide sale $8.00 off $30.00 or more for new customers. However, I can not guarantee that it will happen. Act now while you still can.

Have A Great Weekend:

Please remember to drink responsibly, and never drink and drive. The life you save may very well be your own. Sincerely; Your friend John D. Have a blessed weekend friends.

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