A Great Cure For Mask Breath, Use Alcohol:

Since the pandemic has started, and we all need to wear a mask in public, and large gatherings. Have you noticed that your breath is a little off, more then usual? If so, continue reading, I have found a great cure for this problem.

Bad Breath:Face Coverings

I don’t know about you, but since this pandemic has started, and we all need to wear a mask or a face covering, I have noticed that my breath is a little bit off. Even after, brushing my teeth in the morning.

Maybe, just maybe, it is due to the coffee that I drink every morning before work. Whatever it is that is causing the problem, it is very present. I do not know about you, but as for me, I do not like it. That is why I have searched for ways to combat the situation. Would you like to know what I have found? Good stick around for the rest of the article, and I will share my findings with you.

Solution # 1:

The first solution that I found is my absolute favorite way to combat mask breath is, drink some alcohol. I know, I sound like an alcoholic, that is because I am an alcoholic. Hi, my name is John, and I’m an alcoholic. I say this because years ago I had a serious problem with drinking. Now, I have my drinking under control. Don’t get me wrong, I still drink alcohol, however I do not drink as much as I used to.Alcohol Abuse The face of alcohol abuse is not pretty.

This why at the end of every article I stress the fact of drinking responsibly. Meaning, you can still enjoy a cocktail now and then. Just do not let it take control of your life. I do not want to see you out in the streets homeless, or your marriage fall apart. It is alright to drink alcohol, as long as you are responsible with your drinking.

What To Drink:

What do I recommend as a great cure for mask breath, use alcohol of course. It does not matter to me, any variety will get the job done. I do suggest that when you do have a cocktail or two, that you do so in the comfort of your own home.

Drinking At Home


Over the past couple of years, I have found that drinking at home is more enjoyable then being in some bar. Being home with the one that I love, and having a drink at the end of the day is very relaxing for me. As, I have said above whatever you like to drink will get the job done. Grab your favorite cocktail, cozy up to that special someone, put your feet up and enjoy a quiet, peaceful evening.

Decisions, Decisions:

Now, you have to decide what you want to drink, I know it’s the hardest part of the day, is’nt it? I have the exact same problem every night. I ask the little woman what she wants, and her response is always the same, I don’t care. Drives me insane, or to drink. My go to beverage these days been an age-old favorite of mine for many years. Mr. Jim Beam a smooth bourbon. After, which I will chase down with an ice- cold beer.

Do you have the same problem as me? then I have the solution for you. Did you know that you can have alcohol delivered right your doorstep? You did’nt know? Then >>>>Click Here<<<< now you can shop from the comfort and safety of home, and have delivered to you. You do not have to leave the house, and run out to the liquor store anymore. You now have many options for shopping these days. And, yes that means you can now shop for alcoholic products online, and get them delivered straight to your front door. Or, your backdoor if that is what you prefer. In this difficult time that we are living in, it can be a little scary out there. I completely understand, this is the reason why I started this site. I want to help ease your tensions and set aside your fears. I myself am a home body, if I never had to leave the house I would be in my glory.

Reach Out:

At this time of my article, I would like to say if you are having any kind of difficulties, there are plenty of places for you to find help. Some of you may be feeling isolated during this period we are in. If this is the case, you should talk to someone, it does not have to be a professional, you can talk to a friend, or close relative. Listen, I love all of you, and I do not want see anything happen to you. If you need someone to talk to I am here for you. Leave me a response in the comment section, and I promise that I will get back to you. And, I will do my absolute best to help find a solution for the problem.

There is no reason for you take your own life, there is way to many things to live for in this life. It may seem like there is no way out. But there is a solution for every problem out there. There are thousands of people experiencing the exact same thing that you are going through. Pick up the phone call someone, get online and do a search. As, a matter of fact there is a place called Head Space that you go to right from your smart phone. Take it from Micheal Phelps, you know the Olympic swimmer. He is a big advocate for Head Space. And I hear that it is a great place to talk things out with someone who knows how to help you.Head Space Like I said above, if you need someone to talk to, do not be afraid to reach out and get some help.

As always remember to drink responsibly and please never drink and drive.

with love, John D. Have a blessed day my friends.

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