Alcohol Sale 8%Off Of$30.00 Or More For New Customers:

As of yesterday 9/18/2020 a sale of anything purchased from here is on sale, this sale will be going on until 9/21/2020. This sale is for new customers only, once in checkout use code drink8. It is just that simple to do, place your order and use the code, done.

What Is On Sale:

What is on sale during this sale? Good question, and the answer is everything on the site. The only catch is you have to be a new customer in order to get the deal.Whiskey Bottle: I know it is not fair for returning customers. But we are trying to get new people to try out our service. I am sure that a reward promotion in the near future.

So, please do not be to upset with us for this sale. It does not matter what you like to drink. It can be a bottle of Jack Daniel’s or you can get some beer, or some seltzer. Whatever it is that you like to drink you can purchase and have delivered to you in about one hour, depending on where you live. One hour deliveries are not available in all areas.

How Much Do You Need To Buy:

Another good question, man you guys ask a lot of questions, Lol. It is very simple, all you have to do to get this great deal is spend a mere thirty dollars or more. Then you use the code drink8 at checkout then you are all set. New customers are getting this sale courtesy of our returning customers. All in the hopes that the new customers will become returning customers.

You know that a $30.00 purchase is not a big deal for most of us. That means that buying one bottle of alcohol can qualify for the 8% off. It all depends on the alcohol that you buy. If you are anything like me, you will buy more then one bottle to get through the week. So, it won’t take much before you qualify for the discount. Do not worry we are a judge free zone around here.Judgement Free Zone

Spend as much as you like, just do me one favor please, spend only what you can afford. I do not want to be the reason that you go bankrupt. We here at we care about you. And we appreciate all the business that you send our way.

Why Do We Do This:

This one is a simple one to answer, we do this because we love you, and we appreciate you. We know that the holidays are just around the corner. And we want to help you celebrate and enjoy them better this year.

Let’s face it, this has been one heck of a lousy year so far. And we want to help by having this sale. So go ahead and splurge a little bit on some fancy gifts for the family. Then splurge a little bit on the alcohol for the friends that you will be inviting over for a small gathering during the holidays. Any little bit that we can help you save on the alcohol, is all the better.

Life is way to short to not have some fun with the friends and family. Especially at the holidays, this is the best time to have everyone over. Just make sure that everyone is doing alright. With everything that has been going on this year I think that our friends need a welfare check. So, what better way to do that, then to have them over to the house for some cocktails.

Keep It Fun:Party Time:

Just because you have a few friends over for some drinks, does not mean that our friends need to know that it is for a welfare check. All they need to know is that we miss them and that they are loved.

Keep in mind that this sale will not last for long. So hurry up and get stocked for those holiday parties that you are planning. It is always a good idea to have some alcohol on hand during the holidays. You never know if, or when one or two of those friends of ours may show up just to say hi. This alcohol sale8% of 0.00 or more for new customers is the best way to get stocked up for the upcoming holiday season. ->->->CLICK HERE<-<-<- and be transported to this awesome sale.

I can not make this any easier for you then this. All that I am trying to do is give you a helping hand. And, I figure the best way for me to this is to offer this sale of all alcohol on the site. This is a limited time offer, so do not delay, Click the link above and you will have your choice of anything on the site for 8% off the regular price of any purchase of $30.00 or more.

Like I said this is a limited time offer. So, you need to hurry or you will be left out in the cold. I am not trying to push you, I just do not want you to miss this great deal. I do not know when a sale like this will roll around again, so take advantage of this for as long as you can. This sale will not be here forever, hurry before it is too late and you miss out. Whenever,there is an alcohol sale it is always best to take advantage of it. Sales like this do not happen every day. We have an overstock of alcohol. We bought more then we should have for memorial day weekend. And we are passing the savings along to you. Take advantage of us now while you can. Just in time for the holidays. Do not be left out in the cold, remember that this sale will be over on the 09/21/2020 that is this Tuesday. Once that day come and goes, so does this sale. If you love to drink, then this is the sale that you have been waiting for.

Have A blessed Day:

Please remember to drink responsibly and never drink and drive. The life you save may very well be your own. Your friend John D.

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