Chill Out With A Frozen Beer: A new trend.

In light of the hot weather that we are experiencing this summer. There is a new trend taking hold this summer, frozen beer. The ultimate adult slushy.

Choose A Beer:

Choose a beer, any old beer will be just fine. Do you have a favorite beer? Well, good you can certainly use it. Now, why don’t we try something new? I mean we are already trying this new trend, why not try a new beer? Like say any one of the new craft beers that are now available.

If you are an old-fashioned person, there is no reason why you can not use the beer that you have been drinking since the beginning of time. Some of us started at a very young age, like myself, I was three years old when I had my first beer. If I can remember the story correct, it was a Coors. That’s the beer that my father always drank. So naturally it became my beer of choice.

These days I like to try other brands, and recently I have been venturing into the craft, or micro brews. And to my surprise, they are quite refreshing. So, the advice that I have for you, is stop being a stick in the mud, and throw caution into the wind. Try a craft beer today.

Freeze It Up:

Freezing your beer can be a little bit tricky, especially if you leave it in the bottle. As most people know, when liquid freeze’s’es it expands. And, as it does this, it wants to escape from the container that it is in. I think you can guess what happens to the bottle now. That’s right the bottle will crack, making the beer undrinkable. Believe me, no one wants to drink beer or any other beverage with shards of glass in it.Wasted Beer:

I recommend that you pour the beer into a plastic or a metal cup. This will allow the beer to expand and the plastic cup will let the expansion happen, with no problem. The plastic will stretch with the expanding liquid. The metal cup will contain the beer and provide a give while the expansion takes place. Meaning the beer will expand upwards, not outwards.

You may be asking yourself, can beer really freeze? Well, yes it can. Beer has enough water content in it to be able to freeze. Go ahead give it a try, don’t be shy.

Keep An Eye On It:

You need to keep an eye on the beer as it is freezing. We do not want the beer to become solid. If you leave it in the freezer for too long it will become a solid. That is not what we want to have happen. You want the beer to become the consistency of a slushy. You know, it’s like when we were kids and going to 7-11 and getting a Slurpee. Remember those? Ice cold refreshment on a hot summer day. unless, you have a machine at home that keeps the beer moving around at a temperature that keeps it from fully freezing.

This is going to require a little work on our part. You can not just put the beer in the freezer and forget about it. it is not a set it and forget process. You want to go to the freezer about once an hour, just to take a look at how much ice is accumulating in the container. Give the beer a stir when you are checking on it. this will help keep it from freezing all the way. Once you have it to where it is partially frozen, you are ready to stick a straw in it and enjoy the ice-cold refreshment. Does this bring back some childhood memories or what? Only, in a more adult sense.Slushy Beer I am sure that this will be a big hit for your next party, or backyard barbecue. Your friends will not be able to stop talking about this one, you big party animal you.

Enjoy The Summer Heat:

Instead of complaining about the summer heat, enjoy it. Last week I gave you a way to keep cool with white wine, this week I have given you a way to beat the heat with a frozen beer. unless of course you have a health condition, where the heat makes it difficult for you to be outside. In wich case, you can still enjoy a frozen beer indoors.

Lately my wife has been yelling at me to spend more time outside, I do not like the heat. The heat and my bad heart do not get along very well. Now that I have a way to cool off, I can spend some more time outside with her and my son who lives with us. So grab life by the horns, freeze some beer, just not all the way. And enjoy some good time with friends and family.

Thank You:

Thank you very much for stopping by today, I really appreciate it. I hope that you have found something here today that is helpful. When I ran across this topic, I said John, you have to share this story with anyone who will listen. And here we are,this is my goal in life , to help as many people that i possibly can. When I find or hear about topics such as this one I will always pass it on to you. Do you have something that you want to hear? Let me know I am happy to assist in order to make life more enjoyable for you. Cocktails are great way to enjoy life if you ask me. That’s just my oppinion though, we have been enjoying cocktails since the beginning of time. And even Jesus Christ our lord turned water into wine once. Atleast that’s the story that is told in the bible. I know not everyone believes in the bible, but I do not want to debate scripture here. if you are looking for that, there are plenty of sites out there.
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Remember, please drink responsibly, and please do not drink and drive.

sincerely: John D. Have a blessed day my friends.

2 Replies to “Chill Out With A Frozen Beer: A new trend.”

  1. I can’t drink beer that’s not chilled properly, so your method is something I’m sure to do once the liquor ban is lifted where I am and I can go out and buy my favorite pale pilsen.


    1. I am glad that you like this article, and I am sorry that you live in a area that has a liquor ban. Hopefully soon the ban will be lifted and you will be able to enjoy some cocktails with us. Have a blessed day my friend.

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