Five Must Have Fall Cocktails For The Home Bartender:

Cranberry Spice Cocktail:Well as of today, it is official, summer has come to a close. The time has come to close the pools, put away all of our white outfits, and break out the long sleeves. Now there is some good news here, we can look forward to cool fall nights by the fire pit. And while we are snuggled up with a loved one next to a cozy fire, we need a cocktail to warm our insides. Today, I have five must have fall cocktails for the home bartender.

Cranberry Spice Cocktail:

Whenever I think of the fall season, thanksgiving comes to mind, then I start thinking of those sweet red berries that grow in a bog. Cranberries of course, so it is only right that we start with a cranberry cocktail to kick start the fall season.


1 orange wedge:

13 cranberries:

Three 1 inch crystallized ginger- 2 minced and one whole for garnish.

2 ounces of Aperol:

1 ounce of lillet Blanc:


4 ounces of hard cider:

4 dashes of cranberry- anise bitters, or Peychoud’s bitter.

To Make This Cocktail; In a cocktail shaker, muddle the orange wedge with 10 of the cranberries, and the minced ginger. Add the Aperol, Lillet Blanc, bitters and ice. Shake well, double strain the drink into an iced filled Collins glass, and top off with the hard cider. Garnish with the remaining 3 cranberries, and the slice of ginger skewered on a toothpick.

Not only will this cocktail look great on your thanksgiving table, it will have all of your friends and family impressed with your cocktail making skills. They will be talking about this one for the next year. And, probably want to come back for next year.

Gaelic Punch:

This is a hot punch, so a young Irish whiskey should be used to make it. The older Irish whiskey is more tannic, ( causes a drying effect in the mouth ).

Ingredients:Gaelic Punch

A pinch of fresh grated nutmeg, for the garnish:

3/4 cup of demerara, or another type of raw sugar:

40 ounces of boiling water:

One 750-ml-bottle of Irish whiskey:

Strips of zest from 6 lemons, plus 6 thin slices of lemon, each studded with cloves for garnish.

To Make This Cocktail; In a heatproof bowl, muddle the lemon zest with the sugar, and let it stand for 1-2 hours. Muddle again, add 8 ounces of the boiling water, and stir until the sugar dissolves. Strain into a warm heatproof bowl, and stir in the whiskey. Add the remaining 32 ounces of boiling water and garnish with the studded lemon wedges, and the nutmeg meg.

This cocktail is perfect for a large gathering of friends and family, especially for a Halloween party, or a backyard fall cook out. you can’t go wrong any time that you add Irish whiskey to a punch bowl. This one will definitely liven up any party that you have this season.

Frenched Hot Chocolate:

Chartreuse and chocolate are among the worlds most underatted combinations. Follow this recipe as we meld these two ingredients into a boozy adults hot chocolate. Do not make this one while the children are still up, keep this one for yourselves.


12 ounces of whole milk, you want the fat in the whole milk, so do not use a skim or 2% milk:

6 ounces of yellow chartreuse ( Honey herbal liqueur ):

4 ounces of Calvodos:

2 ounces of chopped dark chocolateHot Chocolate:

One vanilla bean, split lengthwise, and the seeds scraped out.

One three inch cinnamon stick, plus freshly grated or ground cinnamon for a garnish.

To Make; In a medium saucepan, combine the milk, chartreuse, Calvodos,chocolate, vanilla bean and seeds, as well as the cinnamon stick. Stir constantly over moderate heat until the chocolate is completely melted. Remove from the heat, discard the vanilla bean, it has served its purpose. Wisk the hot chocolate until it is frothy. Ladle the cocktail into warmed mugs or heatproof glasses, then garnish with the grated cinnamon.

The perfect cocktail on those chilly nights by the fire place, snuggled up with a good book, or a good lover. Whichever one you choose, I will not judge you.

Concord Grape Gin Fizz:

This vibrant purple cocktail, made with concord grapes, gin, port and lemon is frothy, fruity and refreshing. Plus, it has gin in it, and you can’t go wrong with a cocktail that has gin in it.

Ingredients: Concord Grape Fizz:

5 concord grapes:

2 ounces of concord grape juice:

1 and a half ounces of a good gin, not the cheap stuff for this one friends:

Half tablespoon of fresh lemon juice:

1 large egg white:

1 teaspoon of super fine sugar:


Cold soda water:

1 lemon twist for the garnish:

How to Make; In a cocktail shaker muddle the grapes until they have released a deep purple juice. Add the grape juice, port, lemon juice, egg white and sugar. And shake vigorously for 30 seconds. Add the ice and shake for an additional minute. Strain into a chilled Collins glass ( A tall glass ) or any type of cocktail glass that you have available is fine. Top off with the soda water, and garnish with the lemon twist. Serve with some ice.

This one you can serve to the children, just remember to leave the alcohol out for their cocktail. It lets the little one think that they are enjoying the same drink that mom and dad are having. They will figure it out as they grow older, and may even appreciate the fact that you tried to include them in your party all those years ago. Before I leave you, I have one more must have fall cocktail for you home bartenders.

The Bartender’s Breakfast:


.75 ounces of coconut milk:

.75 ounces of Nutella:

1 ounce of milk:.75 ounces of Eldorado 12 year old rum: Bartender's Breakfast

.75 ounces of Pierre Ferrund 1840 cognac:

.25 ounces of demrara syrup:

2 dashes of Angostura bitters;


To Make this one; Combine coconut milk and Nutella in a blender, blend until the mixture is smooth. Poor into a cocktail shaker with the rest of the ingredients. Shake with crushed ice and strain into a glass. Garnish with the shaved nutmeg, and a red striped straw.

In Conclusion:

There is no reason to feel bad about the ending of the summer season. Especially when we have five reason to start enjoying the fall season. Embrace the cooler weather, at least now you have five reasons to celebrate the beginning of the fall season.

Please remember to drink responsibly, and please not drink and drive. Love your friend John D.

PS. for any of the alcohol you need ->->-> CLICK HERE <-<-<- and if you try any of these fall cocktails, let me know what you think of them. Have a blessed day friends.

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