Get A Head Start On Your Christmas List This Year:

I know that we have not hit Halloween yet, and I am already talking about Christmas. Well, the way this year has been so far, I figure that we should get a head start on Christmas this year. Who knows what is around the corner these days?

The Perfect Gift:Christmas Time:

This is going to sound a bit strange but, do you have someone that loves alcohol? Then you have found the right place to be at.

I just may have a way for you to cross off everyone on your list this year. Yes, that is right I said everyone, at least the ones that enjoy a cocktail from time to time.

Lets face it we are still in a pandemic through out the entire world. So, your better off doing all of your shopping on-line this year. Now you do not have to rush around from store to store.

Let me help you, and together we can take care of all your alcohol loving friends and family members. You know who they are, and I am sure that they would love a gift of this nature.

What To Give Them:

Do I have you all excited about what to get them? Yes, then I suppose that I should stop beating around the bush and get right to it. This is the perfect gift to give those alcohol loving people on your list. A Flaviar membership.  Now you ask me why a membership from Flaviar, let me tell you.

I have done the research for you, and this is by far, the absolute best club membership that is out there on the market. You get so much more then alcohol delivered to the door. They have recently done an upgrade to their membership program.

In the past,when you became a member, all they sent you were tasting boxes. Now, you get the tasting boxes every quarter, plus you can get a full size bottle of your choosing sent along with the tasting boxes. Plus there is so much more that they get included with the membership.Flaviar Membership: So, I hope that will stick around for a little while longer, and let me tell you a little bit more.

What You Get:

Besides the above mentioned, included with the membership, you get to attend live tasting events. Flaviar organizes engaging live experiences directly with their network of distilleries, bars, and brands. Exclusively for members. there is also live tastings and blending events. members get to interact directly with brands that they love, as well as discover ones that they do not love. Meet the people behind the drink.

Members also get exclusive invitations to distillery tours.Where they can visit the network of the distillers free of charge. VIP treatment, plus special pricing on products, as well as a unique tasting experience at the distillery. This alone is worth the price of a membership. You will be hard pressed to find another spirits club that offers anything like the experience that is offered from a Flaviar membership..

Believe me, I have checked around myself. And I have not found a better spirits club any where. I spend a lot of time doing research on the internet. I do this so that I can save you some time, as well as some money. And, for everything that you get in a membership at Flaviar, the cost is down right reasonable, if you are asking me any ways.

Who To Give This To:

This is a pretty self explanatory, however, if you need some help deciding, I am here for you. Do you have a father or a father- in-law? Perhaps there is a brother or a sister on your Christmas list this year. Maybe a husband or a wife happens to be on that list. Look I do not know,who is on your shopping list. It does not matter who you are shopping for, if they like to drink, even if it is only once in a while that they like to drink. You owe it to yourself to give them a gift that will keep on giving for the whole year.

Why bother going from store to store, when you can stay at home,where you are perfectly safe from the outside world and this pandemic that is  still hanging on like a sore thumb. Flaviar Whiskey:Everything that you need for a happy holiday is right here in front of you.

I can even make this easier for you ->->->CLICK HERE<- It does not get any easier then this my friends. Now, here is the best part of this whole topic. If you get your friends and family a membership to this awesome spirits club, you know that they will share the alcohol with you.

Simply due to the fact that you were the thoughtful one that spent the time and money for their wonderful gift. It is like giving the gift to yourself. There is absolutely no way that you can go wrong with a gift like this one. whoever is lucky enough to receive this from you, will be bragging about it forever.

In Conclusion:

Lets do a quick recap on the benefits of this membership, shall we? This is what you will get every single quarter for as long as they are a member.

1: Tasting box

1: Full size bottle of their choosing

Free shipping for the lifetime of the membership

Free live tasting events

A generous refer-a-friend program

They can cancel the membership at any time, but why would they when you have already paid for the year?

There are two different membership periods that are available for you to choose from, one for them to try, and one for those who dare to be bold and walk life on the wild side. which one are you? I hope you are like me and are the one who walks on the wild side of life. We only have on to life to live, why not make it a flaviar full life to live.

Here are the prices of the two memberships

The first one: One quarter, 31.67 per month billed quarterly ( $ 95.00 )

The second one: One year, $25.00 per month billed annually ( $ 300.00 )

Remember to always drink responsibly, and never drink and drive. Love your friend John D.

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