It’s The End Of The World As We Know It: Let’s drink.

As you all know, we have a new leader of the free world, well a free world for now. That may not be the case if the democrats get their way. It seems to me, that they want to do away with the republican party, maybe it’s just me, what do you think about the way the democrat party is going? This is not something that just sprung up out of no where, the democrats have been trying to infringe on our rights for a good many years. The sad part is that the majority of the American people have been blind to this for a long time. I say that it is time for us as Americans to take a stand against them. However, this past election just shows you how oblivious we all are to what it is happening in this country. Now, with our new leader, it’s the end of the world as we know it. let’s drink.

Usually I give you a couple of cocktail recipes in my article, today I thought that I would just keep things simple, and give you a few classic drinks that we all know and love. If you have never had them, then please give them a try tonight. Before I forget, you can get all the alcohol you need with a $10.00 discount . Just use code LUV at checkout.

Bourbon And Seven:Jim Beam & 7-UP:

For those of you who have been here before, you know that Jim Beam holds a special place in my heart. What you may not know though, is my favorite way to drink it is. So, let me share this with you today. I hope that this becomes one of your favorite ways to enjoy a glass of Jim Beam.

First you will need a highball glass ( Tall Glass ) fill the glass with some ice. Add about 2 ounces of Jim Beam Kentucky Sraight Bourbon Whiskey. Top off the glass with chilled 7-UP, then gently stir to combine the ingredients together. Sit back and enjoy.

The pure beauty of this cocktail is that there are only three ingredients Jim Beam, 7-UP, and ice cubes. Can you tell what the theme of today’s article is going to be now?

Spirits used:

Jim Beam

Jack And Coke:Jack And Coke:

This is probably the most iconic cocktail in the world, you go anywhere in the world and ask the barkeep for one of these, and chances are that they know exactly what you are asking for. Take it from me, I have been all around the world, and have been able to order a Jack and Coke no matter where I was at.

Add ice cubes to a highball glass ( Tall Glass ) then pour an ounce or two of Jack Daniels over the ice. Top off with the glass with Coca Cola, and gently stir to combine the ingredients together. Sit back and enjoy the rest of the evening with this three ingredient cocktail.

Spirit’s used

Jack Daniels


This classic cocktail is even easier to make then the two above, it only needs two ingredients to make. Just about everyone has had a screwdriver at time or another during their adult life. And if you haven’t, well then you have been living a very sheltered life. Have you had a screwdriver yet? If not, then this will be a simple cocktail for you to make. So, let’s’s get right to it shall we?

In a glass of your choosing, add an ounce or two of Vodka to the bottom of the glass. Then all that you need to do is top off the glass with some ice-cold Orange Juice. Use a long, or a bar spoon to stir the two ingredients together. And enjoy this classic cocktail after a long day of whatever you were doing. Now, I have to warn you about this drink, the sweetness of the orange juice can trick you into thinking that you are only drinking orange juice. You may forget that you added Vodka to it, and end up drinking more then you ha intended on. Before you know it, you are completely stoned out of your mind, and can longer walk a straight line. So please be careful with this one, it has come back to bite me in the backside a couple of times in my life.

Spirit’s’s Used:

Absolute Vodka

A little side note for you before we move on to the next drink, all of these links are made to open in a new tab. This means that if you click on the link, you will not lose your place here on this page. You will be able to come right back where you left off. Also, I want you to know that I make a small commission on any purchase that you make. Alright, let’s get to our fourth and final classic cocktail for today, shall we?

Gin And Tonic:Breakfast Of Champions:

This one is another favorite of mine, it reminds of a time of friendship and brotherhood. But, that is another story that you can read in an earlier article. That is why I refer to gin and tonic as a breakfast drink. Now, don’t get me wrong here, this classic cocktail can be enjoyed at any time of the day or night. You can have one of them on your daily lunch break. But, don’t tell your boss that I said you could do that, I will deny everything.

In a highball glass ( Tall Glass ) add some ice about half the way up. Pour about an ounce or two of Gin over the ice. Then top off the glass with tonic water, carbonated water. If you would like this drink to be a little bit more sweet, you can add a simple syrup to the cocktail. All that is equal parts of water and sugar brought to a boil, then left to cool.

You can add some lemon or lime wheels for a garnish if you would like to, but it is not necessary to garnish. Garnishing is for fancy people who like to say hey, look at me, I’m fancy. And I know that’s none of you, am I right?

Spirit’s Used:

Tanqueray London Dry Gin

Have A Blessed Weekend:

I hope that you enjoy these cocktails this weekend. It’s the end of the world as we know it. Let’s drink. Maybe we can then find a way to get along with everyone in the world, including the democrats.

Remember to drink responsibly, and never drink and drive. The life you save may very well be you’re own. Sincerely: your friend John D. Have a blessed day my friends.


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