Ladies,Want Him To Pop The Question:

This page is all about you laddies out there. I am dedicating this article to help you get the man that you are crazy about, pop that all important question. Now sit back and have a cocktail with me as I let you in on some secrets that we don’t want you to know. Marriage

Do You Dream Of Marriage:

If, you are like most women, you dream of Mr. perfect. And walking down the isle with all of your friends and family watching. Now, you have your Mr. perfect, but you can not seem to get him to commit to saying I do.

I am going to share a few secrets to help you bridge this gap. I will probably lose my man card for this, however I just do not care All I want nothing more than to help you achieve your dream.

What Guys Like:

This is the burning question, what do guys like? Not really as complicated as you would think. As a man myself, I have had plenty of conversations with other men, as well as women. Keep in mind here, I am not a psychiatrist. Or am I an expert in relationships. I do however, know what guys like. Believe it or not, we are simple creatures.

Us men, like sex, food, and of course alcohol. And usually in that general order, or some variation of it, depending on the man. See we all grew up watching dear old dad, and deep down we want to be like dad. And we want to marry a girl just like mom. Sounds funny, I know, but think about it for a second or two. Mom was always there for us, and in our eyes, mom was always the best cook. Unless of course our mother was a drug addict, sorry, but this is the times we live in. So in this case, we want to find a girl who is nurturing and loving. Guys want a girl, who we know is going to be there for us through the thick and the thin. The good times and the bad. We want a girl who can cook, lets face it we do not want to spend a lot of money on take out or at restaurants. I know that you have heard the old adage, the way to a mans heart, is through his stomach. This is very true, even in today’s time.A good meal

Cementing The Bond:

Now, lets get to the sex, us men, want what you girls want, hot steamy passionate love making. We are also looking for that emotional connection with the opposite sex. That is right, you heard me, we also want to feel an emotional connection. Without an emotional connection, there is no point in spending the rest of our lives with someone.

Regardless of what you think, it is not about the little tricks you can do in bed, or with your tongue. We want to know that you are going to be there. Also, we want a woman that shares some same interests as we do. For example, if we like to go rock climbing, we want a woman who likes that as well. Take me for instance, I love to go camping, my wife does as well. I like fishing and hunting, however my wife does not. You do not share everything, just some things. Men do not want to be smother’d or made to feel trapped.

No Nagging:

Let’s get serious now laddies, the number one reason we will not pop the question is you complain too much. Laddies, if you want him to pop the question don’t be a nag. If, you are always complaining, we will feel like we are no good. Ultimately, we want to feel like we are your hero. That we take care of all the problems in the world for you. If we feel like everything we do is wrong, then we will simply want to run. Confidence is king for us, in and out of the bedroom. Believe me when I say that 90% of men feel this way. I do not Know about the other 10% of men out there. Friends

The last thing that I will share with you, is we men want to know that we can still go out and hang out with our buddies. And have a cocktail or two, without feeling guilty. You see, not all men are cheaters. We trust you when you are out with your girlfriends, we want the same trust from you. You want us to trust you, and we want the same thing from you. If we fell like you do not trust us, then we feel like there is no point in spending the rest of our lives with you. Basically we men, want the exact same thing you women want. To feel loved and trusted. If, you can get you the man love, to see these few things in you. Love, trust, understanding, and of course be able to make a good meal. Then I believe that you can get him to pop the question.

Don’t Forget The Alcohol:

Alcohol is a part of most of our lives. The majority of us know how to keep it in check, meaning not to abuse it. Men like alcohol, whether it be a good whiskey like JackDaniel’s or simply an ice-cold beer. So, laddies, want him to pop the question? Let him have a drink or two. Just do not let him get out of control with his drinking. If, you want you can always send him a thoughtful gift. Let him know that you care for him. You like it when he sends flowers to you at the office, or your place of employment. Chances are that he would love a manly gift sent to him at the office or his place of work.

Remember, I am not an expert in relationships. These are all opinions of mine. Along with my years of experience in life, and the countless conversations I have had with both sexes around the world. By the way if the man you love does not pop the question, after you do all this for him. Guess what, he is not the man for you. Stop wasting your time with him, and move on.

Remember to drink responsibly, and don’t drink and drive. I would love to hear from you, what are your thoughts on this subject, was I able to help you out? Please let me know. Love, always

Sincerely: John J Denekar II

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