Let’s Get The Party Going This Weekend: Don’t Run Out Of Booze.

Today is Monday the 14th of September, this means that the weekend has passed us by. I don’t know about you, but for me it went by way to quick. And I just wanted to keep the party going. Like so many of us, when Monday rolls around, it is time to get back to work. I know it sucks, but we all need the money to buy more alcohol. Now, before you know it Friday will be here, and we can get the party going for the weekend once again.

Stock Up:Party Time:

Even though it is Monday, you can still start to plan for the weekend. Think about it, why wait until Friday to start your party plans for the weekend? Let’s get the party going this weekend, starting with today. This is a simple task to care of, and you will not have to worry about it when Friday rolls in.

Talk to your friends, find out what they like to drink, this can save you the hassle of what to buy as far as the cocktails are concerned. I know, you are probably saying to yourself, I do not have time to run around and get all the alcohol for all of these various cocktails. And do not even get me going on the food that has to be picked up for a party.

Don’t stress about, I have you covered my friends. I am here to help you with this little delema, everything that you need is here, all in one stop. Whatever you need, from the booze to the party snacks, and lets no forget about the ice that is needed to keep those beverages cold. Nobody likes a warm cocktail, unless the cocktail is meant to be hot. Are you still wondering how I am here to help? Just ->->-> CLICK HERE <-<-<- and all of your worries will melt away.

The Bars Are Still A Risk:

In some states, the bars are starting to re open for business. The problem with this, is that we are still in the grips of a pandemic. I don’t know if you have been paying attention to the news, but there is still a large number of people who are getting the virus. Take it from me, I recently went on a trip to New Jersey. The wife and I went to Wild Wood for the weekend to celebrate our 30th wedding anniversary. Just about everyone that was on the boardwalk, was not wearing a mask or face covering.

I myself was guilty of the same thing, unless I was entering a shop or dining place, I was not wearing a mask. Now I may have to kick myself in the butt for it. That remains to be seen in a day or two. It may take a week or longer for any symptoms to show up. All I can do now is pray that I did not get exposed to the virus while the wife and I were there.Crowded Boardwalk

Even though some states have relaxed the face covering order, we are still at risk. I am not telling you that you have to stay home, however, what I am saying, is that it is much safer for us to socialize at home with close friends and family.

Stay Responsible:

This may sound a little bit harsh, or like I am preaching. It is our civic duty to help stop the spread of the covid 19 virus. The best way that we can do this is to limit our contact with people that we do not know. At least for now, wear a face covering when you are in public. I do not want to see you get sick or cause someone else to become sick.

Make no mistake about it, this virus is killing people. We hear about it in the news all the time, people are still dying from this. This was not a fake news story to get people to stay home. This was a direct attack from a foreign country to get back at us for pulling out of trade deals. That’s right, you heard me, I said it. We all know that it is the truth. Not that the government will tell you that.

Especially now that we are in an election year, and all the politicians want your vote. Now, we are not going to get into politics. There is a time, and a place for that, and here is not that time, or place. Here we keep things light, and talk about good times. As well as the all important alcohol.

Wear A Mask:Face Coverings:

This is the absolute best thing that we can do to help stop the spread of this virus. If you must go out into the public, please wear a mask or a face covering of some sort. As long as it completely covers your nose as well as your mouth, then you are in pretty good shape. I tell you this, because I care about you.

I do not get paid to sell masks, I just thought that you should know that. Just in case you are wondering if that’s why I am saying to wear a mask. There may still be some of you who do not want to go outside of the house. This is alright, I do not blame you. You are much safer by staying at home with the people that you care most about. Staying home does not mean that you have to stay sober. Did you know that you can now have alcohol delivered right to your home? Well, you can, and you can order it from this site. In most areas, it can be delivered in about one hour. Depending on where you live of course. I just happen to be able to promote a company that does just that. Drizly is a company that has all types of alcohol. Do you like to have a glass of wine to unwind at the end of a long day? No problem, you can order it here and have it delivered. The same thing if you like to drink something a bit stronger, or you just want a beer, or perhaps a seltzer is more your taste. It doesn’t matter, you can order it all on here. Just use one of links that I have provided for you.

All the experts say that this virus is not over yet. If you ask me, we are all better off staying home and having some cocktails with our close friends or family members. At least this way we will be a bit safer during these uncertain time that we are living in.

Stay Safe Friends:

I will leave you with this final note. Please drink responsibly, and never drink and drive. Love your friend John D.

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