Long Awaited Thanksgiving Gatherings:

This year you will be able to have a long awaited thanksgiving gatherings, and now you can save some cash on all the wine that your family friends like to sip on. Or if you prefer, you can save some money on all the liquor that everyone like to pout on the rocks, mix or drink neat.

Choose A Wine:Choices:

First let me say that I am not a wine expert, nor do I play one on TV. Just remember this, drink what you like. The hell with what everyone else says, drink what you like. Of course certain wine goes with certain foods. Like red meats, the powers that be say to serve red wine. And with fish and white meats, they tell us to serve white wine.

Not all of have the same old turkey at Thanksgiving. But I say the heck with the rules, If there is a wine, or some other type of alcohol that you like to drink, then by all means serve it at your long awaited Thanksgiving gathering.

If you decide to follow the rules and go along with tradition and serve a red wine with dinner at your gathering, I recommend going with a Merlot, it’s a red wine that is low in tannins. And I have the perfect Merlot for you to serve, all of your guests will love it. And so will you.

Woodbridge Merlot

White Wine:Crisp And Refreshing:

For those of who like a less robust wine, you can choose a white wine to serve at your long awaited Thanksgiving gathering. White wine tends to be a little sweeter than your red wines, and they have a lighter taste to them.

As with red wines, white wines also have some varieties to choose from. But that is for another article, another time. Today I want to talk about one in particular, Moscato. This is a white wine that is a very sweet wine. If you ask me, it is perfect for serving with turkey. Let’s face it most of the time someone over cooks the turkey, and we end up with meat that is dry. So the sweetness of the Moscato helps to fight back the dryness.

And as the same with the red wine, I have a Moscato that is a favorite for me, and my wife loves the heck out of it. It is the only white wine that she likes to drink anymore. I have to go out and buy a bottle or two of it even if we are traveling. She does’nt want to risk that we will be able to find it wherever we are at. Trust me, if my wife likes it and I like it you and your guests are going to like it as well.

Risata Moscato d’Asti

Whiskey:Americas Favorite:

Yes you can serve whiskey at your long awaited thanksgiving gathering. In fact, it would a sin if you do not have some on hand. Especially if your in-laws are going to be at the table. Americas favorite is Jack Daniels, however you do not have to be a follower and serve Old No.7, Do a little research and find out what whiskey your father-in-law or your favorite uncle likes to drink.

I will admit that I as well like it drink Jack Daniel’s once in a blue moon, I like to take some cola and freeze it into cubes and make frozen Jack and Coke, especially when the weather is warm. If this piques your curiosity, you can find the recipe in another one of my articles.

Do yourself a favor and stock up on some Jack Daniel’s and keep it on hand for the holidays. After the past two years that we all have endured, we deserve to spend some time with friends and family this year. You never know when company is going to be knocking on the front door. Be a gracious host and be prepared.

Jack Daniels Old No.7

Bourbon:Oak Cured Bourbon:

If you have been here a time or two, then you know that I have a love affair with Bourbon. For the longest time Jim Beam has been my favorite Bourbon. Recently in the past couple of years I have found another bourbon that I like just as much as Jim Beam.

Buffalo Trace Bourbon, is another one that I like to sip on. When I am in the mood to make a mixed cocktail, I will use Jim Beam for it. And whenever I am in the mood to just sip on glass of bourbon on the rocks, I will use Buffalo Trace.

I suggest that while you are shopping for all your holiday beverages, you include some sort of bourbon to add to your liquor cabinet. Believe me you will thank me for it in the future. This is one alcohol that everyone should have on hand.

Buffalo Trace

Drink What You Like:Everyone Is Different:

Have that long awaited Thanksgiving gathering this year. Everyone that will be there is different from everyone else. So make sure that you have a variety of drinks to keep them all happy. Make sure that you as the host, have something that you like to drink. If you are not happy, your guests will not be happy.

Do not fear picking up all the alcohol that you will need, I am here to help your wallet and have a sale for this weekend 11/05 2021- 11/07/2021 all you have to do is use the code TURNBACKTIME when you check out and you will automatically save $7.00 on your order. That’s a pretty good savings, what do you think?

As always please remember to drink responsibly, never serve alcohol to anyone under the legal drinking age of twenty one years of age. It is illegal to serve alcohol to minors, anyone under the age of twenty one. By doing so you can face time in jail as well as a fine, you can lose everything that you have worked hard for.

Sincerely your friend John D. Have a blessed day.

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