Moonshine, The Original Craft Alcohol:

MoonshineIn today’s article I hope you gain a certain amount of respect for the process that it takes to legally make moonshine. Remember it is illegal to produce moonshine without a permit.

The First Step:

MASHING IN; Mashing in the process of prepping the ingredients for making the alcohol. You will need cracked corn, water, the amount of water will determine how much alcohol you end up with. You will also need some yeast. The yeast is important, this is what causes the corn to break down. Now you still have not made alcohol. Some people even add sugar for the yeast to feed on.

Now that you have all the ingredients, we are ready to start. Add all the ingredients to the water in a clean container. This help insure you get a clean flavor from the finished product.

Stir everything together, so that it gets mixed well. And the sugar and the yeast does its job the way it should. Continue to stir for one hour and a half, in thirty minute increments. At the end of the hour and a half, it is now time to heat up the mixture. You want to bring the mixture to 150 degrees ferenhight. Also, you should keep stirring the mixture while it is heating up.

Once the mash reaches the 150 degree mark, you want to turn the heat off. The mixture needs to cool down to around 70 degrees. Keep in mind, that you should still stir the mixture every once in a while, as it is cooling. Now that you have the mixture has cooled, it’s time to cover and let it sit for at least two weeks. This is not a quick process, do you have some respect for the distillers yet? I know that I certainly do. By leaving the mixture sit for two weeks, we are allowing the fermentation take place. This is the time that the mixture is making the alcohol, that we all love, and enjoy so much.

The Fermentation:Fermentation Tanks

The tanks shown here are professional tanks, used by legal distillers. If you are making this at home yourself, you probably will not have fancy tanks. You will more then likely be using a bucket or a barrel. At this point I would like to add, that I do not condone the making of moonshine in your home. Or out in your backyard.

Like I said in the above paragraph, fermentation is where the mixture is turning to alcohol. You will know that the process is complete by the froth on top of your container. This will most likely be ready in about two to three weeks. At this point it is time to cook the mixture.

For this step you are going to need a still, and no, I do not sell stills here. If you want to purchase a still, I am pretty sure you can get everything you need at Amazon. I just give you the information about how alcohol is made. You can however get a finished legal product here. ->->-> Click Here <-<-<– There are also plenty of other fine crafted spirits to try.

Cooking The Mixture: Fancy Still

Once the mixture, or mash has been properly fermented, you can start to cook it. transfer the mixture to your still. Obviously your still will not look like this fancy one, which is a professional still used to make bourbon. Now that you have the mixture in your still, turn on the heat. Not to high though, you don’t want to burn the mixture. No one likes burnt whiskey.

After some time you will start to see liquor come out, when it starts to drip 4-5 drops per second, you want to turn down the heat. I personally do not know how long this step takes. I have never made moonshine myself.

The reason being that I have never made moonshine, is that it is not legal to make without a permit. And, if I ever did make some, I would probably use it for fuel in my vehicle. Seeing as how my car can run on, ( E85 ) ethanol, or corn fuel. This is a derivative of alcohol being made.

That’s right ethanol is a by-product of alcohol, and you need be aware of this. It is the first product to come out of the still. Ethanol has been known to cause blindness, as well as some stomach discomfort. You will know what it is by its smell, it has an odor like nail polish remover. You do not want to drink this part of what comes out of the still.

Enjoying The Fruit’s Of Labor:

About thirty percent of what come out of the still is not drinkable. You will know by the smell and taste of the product, and this will take some time for you to learn. The good news is that, once you make it enough times, you will get better at it. Practice makes us perfect. As with anything else in life, the more we do it, the better we get at it.

Making alcohol is a very dangerous process. There are many thins that can go wrong, it is best to leave it to the professionals. Remember I told you that making alcohol is not legal. There are serious consequences if you are caught in possession of unregulated alcohol. You can be hit with high fines, plus you can end up spending some time in jail.

So, if you decide to try to make your own alcohol, don’t say that I did not warn you. You are the one that made the decision to break the law, and you are the one that will have to pay for it. If you would like, you can try moonshine that has been legally made. And you can get it right from here, if you would like. I have provided a way for you to get it delivered to your home. Skip the hassle of trying to make it yourself, unless you are trying out for your own television show.

What Did You Think?

Today’s article, moonshine the original craft alcohol, we talked about how to make your own moonshine. And, yes, I left some things out. I will not be responsible for you breaking the law. How do you think I did explaining the process for you? I would like to hear from you, good or bad. I know that some of you will blast me for this, and some of you will love me for it. Get in touch with me, let me hear your thoughts on the subject, unless you are chicken.

Remember to drink responsibly and please do not drink and drive.

With love: John D.

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