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That is right, no matter what is going on in the world you can always come here and be able to get all the alcohol that you need. And depending on the area that you live in, you can have it delivered in about one hour. Some places may take two – three days for your order to be delivered. Plus, now through Sunday you can get everything at a discounted price. Spend thirty dollars or more, and receive eight dollars off. I know pretty amazing isn’t it? I love bringing these weekend sales to you, no one else is going to do this for you, so, take advantage of this promotion today. Pick up some extra bottles to have on hand for the holidays. You know that you are going to need it, so why not grab some now while this sale is in effect. Especially with the holidays on the way. I am just trying to lend you a helping hand, as well as save you some money. That is all I want to do is help you. It is the whole purpose of this site.

What Is Your Drink Of Choice?Jim Beam:

For those of you who have been here before, you already know what my drink of choice is. I prefer something on the simple side, like a little Jim Beam mixed with some lemon lime soda.

You can not get much simpler than that. You give me a Bourbon and seven, and I am one happy camper. Been that way since my navy days, and still to this day a cocktail of this mixture puts me in my happy place. Now, I ask you, what is your drink of choice that puts you in your happy place?

Don’t be shy, leave me a message and tell me what it is that you like to drink. This will help me in the future to know what recipes you would like for me to place here for you. The more that I know about what you like for cocktails, the better I can help you. Please let me know what you would like to see here. And who knows if I use a recipe of yours, you will see your name here. I would definitely give you the credit for the cocktail.

Good Tidings:

You know this has been a terrible time this year. And it does not look like it will be getting any better with the new year. It looks like we will be in this situation at least until till the year 2022.

Things are starting to look like the country is going to shutting down once again. Where I am, in New York state, they have already placed restrictions on the bars and restaurants. They can no longer stay open past 10:00 pm. Who, heck wants to stop partying at that time. That’s when all the fun starts to happen.

I say that we all stay home and have a party with some friends, this way we can party until the cows come home. And the good thing for you is that I am having a weekend sale. This is great news for you, but there is one catch, in order to save $8.00 you have to spend a minimum of $30.00. Don’t worry when we get to the bottom of the article, I will be giving you the code that you need in order to get the discount. This is my way of bringing a little joy to the world. I wish that there was some more that I could do to help. However, this is what I have to offer. I really hope that this sale does in fact provide you with a little help.Joy: And bring some joy into your life.

Live Your Life:

Just because some states, like New York are placing restrictions on the time that our favorite watering hole has to close early. Does not mean that we have to stop having fun.

Now this is why I am here. To provide you with the means to keep the party going. Now matter what time your state says the bars have to close, we here at are open 24 hours 7 days a week for alcohol sales.

This website is always open, and remember depending on the area that you live in, you can have it delivered to you in about one hour. Some places may take two days to get the delivery to you. Still, if that is the case, you just need make sure that you get your order in earlier in the week. Let’s say you want to have a get together on Saturday, then make sure that you place your order on Wednesday. This way you will be sure to have plenty of alcohol to serve your guests. You know, Thanksgiving is in a couple of days. So, why not use this sale to stock up on every alcoholic beverages that you and your friends and family like to drink. They do not need to know that you got it on sale, it can be our little secret.

Happy Holidays:Happy Holidays:

Even Santa clause enjoys a good cocktail from time to time. As, can see him overlooking this vineyard. That is probably how Santa stays so young all these years. He drinks a glass of red wine after he tucks in all the elves.

After you give your little elves some hot chocolate, and tuck them into bed for the night. You and the Mrs can settle down for the night with a glass of Merlot. Don’t forget to leave a glass for Santa along with some cookies. Besides, he gets enough milk from the neighbors. You can be the one that leaves him a cocktail. Do you think that will get you off the naughty list? I think that it will do the job. Maybe next year he will leave you something special under the tree.

Remember I promised to give you the code to use for the discount. Well here it is HAPPYHOUR8 Just use this code when you check out. And you will get the eight dollars off. Remember that you have to spend thirty dollars or more, and you have to be a new customer as well.

Hope You Have A Happy Holiday Season:

I hope that with the way this year has been, that you can in some way have a great holiday season. I am going to be open for business 24 hours a day 7 days a week for alcohol sales. Also, I am hoping to be able to have these weekend sales some more for you.

Remember to drink responsibly, and never drink and drive. The life you save may very well be your own. Sincerely your friend John D. Have a blessed weekend my friends.


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