Craft Spirit Cocktails For The Fall: Or anytime of the year.

In this article, we are going to discuss craft spirits. You know, the alcohol that is made by the little guys. You can not go to the local liquor store and buy the alcohol that is used to make these cocktails. You can however, purchase the bottles used in these recipes right from here. I will provide a link for the alcohol used for each of the drinks, to make it easier for you to find the alcohol. It is always better to support the small business people. We are the ones that keep the world turning.

Habanero Honey Margarita:Habanero Honey Margarita:

If this cocktail does not warm you up on a chilly fall night, then nothing will. I’m sure this one will take the chills out of your bones.


1) 4 ounces of Mr. Tom’s Habanero Hone Whiskey

2) 4 ounces of margarita mix

To Make; Add some ice into a salt rimed glass. Combine all the ingredients into a cocktail shaker, and shake until everything is well mixed. Strain into the salt rimed glass, and enjoy.

Spirit used for this cocktail Mr. Tom’s Habanero Honey Whiskey.

Apple Crisp:

If mom’s warm apple crisp doesn’t say fall, then I don’t know what does. This cocktail is perfect to serve for Sunday night football, or any gathering that you have at the house this fall, or winter.

Ingredients;Apple Crisp:

1) 1 and a half ounces of Apple Cider,

2)1 and a half ounces of whiskey,

3) 2 ounces of ginger beer, another great drink for the fall season.

4) one twist of a lime.

To make, pour cinnapepper whiskey into a glass filled with ice, top off with the apple cider, and ginger beer. Add the lime twist. Then garnish the drink with an apple wedge and a lime wedge as well. Pretty darn easy if you ask me.

Spirit used to make this drink, Backstage Cinnapepper Whiskey

Mulled Cider Storm:

This is perfect for those cold nights, around a fire snuggled up under a blanket with your loved one. I think that you will love this one.


1) 2 ounces of Stormbringer spiced rum,

2) 6 ounces of fresh apple cider,

3) Cinnamon sticks and orange slices, for the garnish

To make, heat the apple cider in a saucepan over medium heat. Once the cider is warm, pour into your favorite mug. Add the Stormbringer rum, garnish with the cinnamon stick and orange slice. And warm up your heart.

Spirit used for this cocktail: Stormbringer RumMulled Cider Storm:

Merry Meeting Highball:

Just the name of this cocktail brings a sight of joy to the air, perfect for those small gatherings with friends or family.


1) 2 ounces of Merrymeeting Spiced Rum,

2)4 ounces of soda water,

3 Orange slice to be used for the garnishment.

To make; Pour the two ounces of Merrymeeting Spiced Rum into a highball glass ( a tall glass ) over ice. Add the soda water, stir, and garnish with the orange slice. Easy enough for you?

Spirit used for this cocktail Merrymeeting Spiced Rum

Pumpkin Pie Martini:

Pumpkin pie definitely says that the fall and winter season has arrived. If you are one of those who love anything pumpkin, then you are going to go crazy for this cocktail. Just wait until you see what spirit is used for this one peeps.


1) 1 Teaspoon of light brown sugar,

2) 2 Shots of Half and Half,

3) 2 Shots of Pumpkin Pie Moonshine,

To make; This one is so simple that a two-year old can make it. Pour all the ingredients into a cocktail shaker, with some ice. Shake until everything is well mixed and chilled. Strain into a martini glass, and enjoy.

Spirit used for this cocktail; Pumpkin Pie Moonshine Pumpkin Pie Moonshine:

Autumn Warmer:

This is another warm one for those chilly nights, or you can make this one for game night. It’s a crowd pleaser.


1) One gallon of fresh apple cider,

2) 1 Tablespoon of whole cloves, in a meshed bag,

3) One half of an orange sliced up,

4) Five cinnamon sticks,

5) Rye Whiskey,

To make; Use your crock pot to warm up the gallon of apple cider. Add some orange slices, and mulling spices. You can find mulling spices premade, or you can make your own if you know how too. Ladle about 3 ounces of the mulled cider into your favorite mug or heat- proof glass, add 1 ounce of John Jacob straight Rye Whiskey. Garnish with an orange peel, or cinnamon stick, or both depending on how crafty you feel. Then simply enjoy the warmth of this cocktail along with friends and or family.

Spirit used for this cocktail, John Jacob Rye Whiskey. Automn Warmer:

Are You Ready For The Fall:

Well, this is all that I have for you today. I hope that give some of these craft spirit cocktails for the fall a try. By the way, you can have these cocktails at any time of the year that your little heart desires. However, since we are already into the fall season, it is the perfect time to give these recipes a try.

Remember that in the beginning of this article, I told you that you will not be able to find any of these craft spirits in your local liquor store. The spirits mentioned here today are made by small independent distillers.

The only place to get these craft spirits for the fall is here on this site. And, as I promised, I provided with easy links for you to use. Any purchase that you make is greatly appreciated. And just so you know, I make a small commission from your purchase.

If you are looking for something different and out of the ordinary, then craft spirits is exactly what you are looking for. Like I said, you will not find these bottles of spirits in your local store. So, go ahead and click any of the links above to try these fantastic made craft spirits. The distillers of these craft spirits, work hard every day to create something that is special and out of the ordinary for us to enjoy. If by chance you happen to try any of these, please let me know how it was for you.

Remember to always drink responsibly, and never drink and drive. The life you save may very well be your own. Sincerely; Your friend John D. Have a blessed day.

Buying Wine? You Do Not To Be An Expert: A little of what I know about wine.

Have you ever gone to the store to buy a bottle of wine, and said I have no idea what a good wine is? If you, have you are not alone. Today I hope to clear some things up for you, and help you find a wine that you will enjoy. Now, kick back and have a glass of wine with me, won’t you?Bottle Of Merlot


In French the word Merlot means little black bird, and is the second most popular grape in America. We will discuss the number one favorite grape later in this article. Merlot is known for being a soft, ripe, and elegant wine, that pairs well with food, and is easy to drink by its self.

Merlot is a very approachable wine, especially for someone who is a first time wine drinker. It is the most recommended red wine for beginners. We can date the making of Merlot all the way back to the late 1700s. When a french winemaker from the Bordeaux region of France, formally labeled the grapes in his Bordeaux wine blend. The grape spread across the region, and became known for adding a softness and luscious fruit flavor to the wine, when combined with the regions favorite grape, Cabernet Sauvignon. The combination of the two grapes complimented each other very well.

The pair became the main ingredient in the now world renowned Bordeaux Blend. That is now coveted by the majority of the worlds wine drinkers. Let’s fast-forward to the mid nineteenth century, when the grapes found their way to the California regions. American winemakers started using 100% Merlot grapes. The grapes were easy to grow, and they found that Americans really loved the softness of the fruit on its own. And they we enjoyed the low tannin levels of the grape.

Tannens:Red Grapes

Have you been sitting with a group of friends, drinking a glass or two of wine, and one of them refers to the tannin’s of the wine? And you did not known what they were talking about! Do not feel bad, it is not necessary for you to known in order to enjoy the wine. However, it can help you understand the wine that you are drinking, and why some wines give us a headache.

You experience the effects of tannin’s any time you drink a wine that causes a drying effect in your mouth. Tannin’s are naturally occurring compounds found in the grapes skins, seeds, and stems. The scientific name for tannin s is polyphenols. The compounds release from the skins, seeds, and stems as they soak in the grape juice, just after the grapes are pressed.

Tannin’s are also what give certain wines like Cabernet sauvignon their characteristic dryness or astringency. Any time you have a drying sensation in your mouth from drinking wine, you are experiencing tannin s. Depending on how dry your mouth feels, you can determine how high or how low the tannin levels of your wine is. A wine that is high in tannin s is called tannic.

Tannins can also be found in black tea as well as some dark chocolate. And when you get a headache from drinking wine you can blame it on the tannin s, not on having consumed too much of the wine. Getting a headache from tannin s is rare, we usually get them from consuming more wine than we should have. But, if you notice this effect is from the wine, there is a solution for the problem. Switch to a white wine, white wines are naturally lower in tannin s then red wine is.

Chardonnay:Chardonnay Winery

Chardonnay is the most popular white wine on today’s market. Travel to any wine in the world, and you will find at least one vineyard growing chardonnay. It is a wine that can be simple, or regal, aged for many years, or consumed immediately.

So, how did this white grape become so popular? Chardonnay was born in the Burgundy region of France, where it is known as white Burgundy. It was in this region that the wine gained great acclaim for it;s elegance. Soon after its rise in popularity, winemakers in the Champagne region began grow the grape as well. Using it for their sparkling wines.

As the grapes spread form region to region, winemakers found that different climates produced different flavors. Warm climates would produce a chardonnay that was ripe, and full of tropical flavors. Compared to when grown in cooler climates, the grape would produce favors of apples, as well as fall earthy aromas such as mushrooms, and the smell of fallen leaves.

With all the variety’s of grapes that can be produced around the world, wine drinkers can have a chardonnay for every season, and occasion. This worldwide variety allows for chardonnay to go well on its own for a warm summer day, or on a cold winter night with a hearty stew.

Cabernet Sauvignon:

In the seventeenth century, in southwestern France an accidental breeding of a red Cabernet franc grape, and a white sauvignon blanc grape plant, gave birth to a blend that became our most popular grape here in America. Cabernet Sauvignon is a red grape known for its thick skin, and the vines resistance to the elements. After the birth of this variety, it started to be adopted in parts of France by winemakers searching for more durable plant, that was easy to grow.

And the grape found its champion in the Bordeaux region of France. As a wine, Cabernet sauvignon is known for its dark color, full body, and an alcohol content that is over 13.5% in volume. Places like California, Australia, and Chile, The alcohol content can get as high as 14.5% and sometimes going over15% in alcohol content.

This is a dry wine ( not sweet ) and has a healthy level of tannin, which is why your mouth feels dry after taking a sip. This wine should be drank with food to help combat the acidity, tannin level, and alcohol content. There is no rule about drinking wine or any other alcoholic beverage with food. However, this wine can be very overwhelming by its self.

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I do not want to drag this subject out more then I have to. So, I will leave you with this final note. Red wines pair really well with red meats, such as steaks, and burgers. And white wines pair well with all the varieties of fish.

Remember to drink responsibly, and please never drink and drive. Have a blessed day, love John D.

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Beer:Michelob Ultra

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You Want Wine?

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The Hard Stuff:

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The Extra’s:

Not only can you have alcohol delivered, you can also have extra’s to help keep the party going. Like what, you ask. Well let me tell you. First there is the all important bags of ice. You need to be able to keep everything nice and cold, don’t you? What is the point of ordering drinks, if you can not keep them cold for your friends. So do not forget the ice.

Second, you need to have some snacks on hand. You can not have a party or gathering of friends, and not have something for them to nibble on. What kind of a host would that make you? Not a very good one, if you ask me.

Our main job whenever we have a get together with friends, is for everyone there to have a good time. Being able to have all of our beverages delivered is a big plus. Throw in the fact that we can get bags of ice, and snacks delivered as well is like winning the lottery.

Like I said earlier, I wish this delivery service was around in my younger days. It would have made things so much less complicated for me. At least now for you I have a way to make life a little bit easier.

Life Is Good:Ice

You know with all the improvements these days, Life really is good. Just think about it, with the internet, we never have to leave our homes. I suppose it was only a matter of time, before someone figured out how to deliver alcohol to us at home.

During this period of uncertain times, I think that delivery services like this on is a god- send. Particularly if you are agoraphobic. Meaning you have a fear of leaving the house.

I do not think that this makes you a bad person, or that you are a chicken. Having agoraphobia is a serious problem, and perhaps should be addressed by a professional. I am not saying that you are crazy. you are probably the smart one of us. Just know that you are not alone in this world.

Besides why should you leave the house? Your home is a haven for you. Plus now being able to get alcohol delivered to you, bonus time. So rejoice and stay home and order some drinks and snacks with your dinner order. No one here is going to judge you. We want to party, not make fun of anyone.

All that I want for everyone is to make life a little bit easier for you. Take some of the pressure off, so you can sit back and have a great time. We are here for a short period of time, let’s enjoy what we can while we can.

Remember if you do decide to get your alcohol delivered this labor day weekend. You can have it in about one hour. You can not ask for anything better than that. This is by far the absolute best delivery service that I have been able to find. I hope that you find something here that you will enjoy this weekend. At least if you are drinking at home, and you run out of beverages, or snacks. You can always come back and order more to be delivered. This way you can stay safe at home, and not go out for a drive to the liquor store. End up getting pulled over by the police, then getting a ticket for driving while intoxicated.

Remember to drink responsibly and drink and drive. Your friend John D.

Thank you.