There’s A New Sheriff In Town,Buffalo Trace Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey:

For those of you that have visited here before, you know that I like Jim Beam as my favorite bourbon. However, there is another bourbon that I like just as much. And we are going to talk about it today, so kick back and have a drink with me. We have a lot to cover with this article..

Buffalo Trace Bourbon:                                             

The Spirit To Explore:

Ancient age; Buffalo Trace, has been around for many years. This could quite possibly be the first time that you are hearing about it. And that is alright, this bourbon is an 80 proof spirit that has been known for quality. And, now, it is going to get even better then it is. The distiller are using a new process, they will be using a chill filtration system. This new process will improve the color of the bourbon as well as flavor. Giving it an all around taste experience.

AAA 10 Star:

This one weighs in at 90 proof,rye Kentucky straight bourbon whiskey. It is by far the most complex bourbon on today’s market. At, 6 years of age,AAA 10 star, has a gentle spice, as well as a licorice attack on the finish, that backs down to intense cream toffee. It is a flavor to be savored by all bourbon enthusiasts. Note, you can only get this particular version in the state of Kentucky.

Tour Information:

Have you wanted to take a tour of a distillery? Consider a trip to Kentucky, and kill to birds with one stone. That’s what I said, Buffalo Trace, as well as Jim Beam, are both distilled in Kentucky. Buffalo Trace offers visitors three distinct tours, year round Monday through Friday 9am-3pm. And, on Saturdays from, 10am-2pm.

The Trace Tour; A journey through the origins of the buffalo trace distillery. Experience a century-old warehouse, walk down the line of the hand bottling hall, where all of the premium bourbon receive some tender loving care before leaving the distillery.

The Hard Hat Tour; This tour takes guests behind the scenes to see where all the magic of bourbon making take place. From the grain delivery, to the cooking process, to the fermentation tanks. You will see it all first hand, this tour is available during distilling season only. Call them for reservations at 1- 800-654-8471.

The Post Prohibition Tour; This tour exposes visitors to the architecture and history of the post- prohibition bourbon industry. The end of prohibition was a new beginning for the distillery. Buffalo Trace distillery survived the prohibition by re-branding their bourbon for medicinal purposes. And, with the appeal of prohibition, Americans were once again thirsty. You can witness the building boom that occurred during this time ( 1930- 1950 ) and get a peek at some future plans that the distillery has in mind. You need to call for reservations for this tour as well 1- 800- 654-8471.Bourbon Barrels

Roll Out The Barrel:

This is what sets Buffalo Trace apart from all other bourbon distillers. While most other distillers use charred oak barrels, Buffalo Trace uses new , clean oak barrels. Giving their bourbon a nice smooth, easy drinking bourbon. Also, as part of their tours, they offer a unique souvenir. You can choose to leave with your very own barrel of Buffalo Trace bourbon. A perfect gift for those who do not know what to get the person that has everything. Take a trip to Frankfurt Kentucky and visit the Buffalo Trace distillery to experience a day of southern hospitality, and leave with the ultimate gift.

Come visit the most awarded bourbon distillery. explore the bourbon region, and discover that there used to be more than two- hundred distilleries that were scattered throughout the landscape of central Kentucky before prohibition. Today, just eight remain. And, each one is as different as the bourbon that they produce.

The Buffalo Trace Cafe`:Firehouse Cafe`

After a day of touring the distillery, take a short walk from the visitors center to Buffalo Trace firehouse cafe`. Where you can enjoy favorite specials like, the E.H. all American sub sandwich. Or, a bung up chicken salad sandwich, or the Elmer T. Lee banana pudding. All while watching barrels of fine Kentucky bourbon roll by. See authentic fire coats, and boots that were worn by distillery worker in 50’s and the 60’s. When the firehouse was in full swing at the distillery. Before you leave the distillery, do not forget take a picture with your friend ,or loved ones, with the 1964 Ford fire truck. How is that for a perfect end to a perfect day?

Just, yesterday my wife asked me what was on my bucket list, you know, the list of things to do or see before you die. And, I told her, a trip to Kentucky to visit the buffalo trace distillery as well as the Jim Beam distillery. I would also like to go to Nashville to see the grand-old o prey. As, well as, visit the Ronnie Kicks vineyard. But, I suppose that these trips will have to wait until the pandemic is under control. And, all of the states allow us to travel freely. Which, should be very shortly, at least we all hope. I know, you all are itching to get back out there, so am I. Have you seen that they are starting close bars and restaurants down again. Does this make you angry? you can not go out for a cocktail or two, and you do not feel like going to the liquor store.  did you know that you can now have alcohol delivered to your door? Yes it is true, you can have alcohol delivered to your home. Don’t believe me, I will prove it to you. Check at the end of this article.

Have A Spirited Day:
I hope that you found today’s topic there is a new sheriff in town buffalo trace Kentucky straight bourbon, interesting. If you did or did not, I want to hear from you. Let me know your thoughts on the article. If you happen to take a trip to the buffalo trace distillery let me know how it is. Have you ever been to any other distillery? I would love to hear about, or any other trip for the matter.

Remember to drink responsibly, and never drink and drive. With love John D.

God bless.

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