Turning Water Into Wine Craft:

We have all heard the story of Jesus turning water into wine. Some people say that story is a farse, not true. Do you believe it to be true? The making of wine is a long process, good wine takes even more time. While I was growing up, my family and I attended church on Sundays, and, yes, I went to conformation class as well as Sunday school. The story about Jesus turning water into wine was one that was told to us. I for one believe that took place, as far as miracles go, that is a pretty good one in my book. Now, we don’t have Jesus here on earth, so we need to make our own wine from water. This all starts with a simple seed, and what do seeds need to germinate? That’s right, water. So, it not so hard to believe that we can turn water into wine after all. Remember, that all alcohol is still on sale now until the 22nd. use code LUCKY7 at checkout.

Wine For All Occasions:Pizza And Wine:

Having a glass wine should not be reserved for special occasions, or fancy meals. You can drink wine with any meal that you are having. Planning on having a pizza night? Stop off and grab a bottle of red wine.

Red wine is not just for beef dishes, it pairs really well with pizza and pastas as well. And, remember, red wine is better for your heart health. Some doctors say that a glass of red wine a day is good for your arteries. You will thank me for this later. Here is my favorite red wine to serve my friends and family, Woodbridge Merlot by Robert Mondavi. Grab a bottle or two today, it’s not expensive at all, around $10.00 a bottle.

Wine For Easter:

Wine at the dinner table has been a long-standing tradition in my home. Especially for easter dinner, and this tradition goes as far back to days when Jesus was here with us. At the last supper, he broke bread, and said eat,this is of my body, drink, this is of my blood, as long as you do this I will always be in your hearts.

Churches all around still do this tradition every Sunday during the services. Now, if you believe in the father, the son, and the holy ghost, drinking wine keeps us closer to the son who sits at the right hand of the father. Just one way I can help you to justify drinking a glass of wine in the middle of the day, you can always say it’s for religious reasons. This way no one will judge you. Besides, the only one to judge you is the all mighty creator God.

What wine should you have for easter dinner? That depends on what you are going to be serving, if you are like most people, a ham is probably on the menu. Keep in mind that ham is not a white meat, no matter what they say pork is not the other white meat. Ham and other pork products are a red meat, therefor, you should serve a red wine with this. Jesus died for our sins, drink some red wine of his blood to keep him in your hearts.The Crucifiction Of Jesus:

White Wines:

Now, we are all done with the lessons in religion. Let’s talk about white wine. Typically, white wines are on the sweeter side. They also have more carbohydrates in them. Being on the sweeter side is what makes them more atractive to a lot of people, myself included. I do like to have a glass of white wine from time to time.

White wines pair real well with white meats, like chicken, as well as fish. White meats tend to be the dry side, so, with this the sweetness of the white wine brings out the nuances of the white meats. Plus, it makes the white meats more palatable. Meaning, easier to eat. The sweetness make it easier to tolerate the dry meats and fish.

Yes, I have a favorite white wine, and I will absolutely share it with you. I will even give you a link, so you can try it for yourself. How does that sound? Maybe I can help to make life a little bit easy for you. Help to take some stress out of your day. This is one white wine that both, my wife and I like, our son that lives with us also likes this one. Risata Moscato d’Asti We will most likely be taking a bottle or two of this with us for our weekend get away in Lake George, this weekend. Wait till you try it, it will quickly become a favorite of yours as well. So don’t wait pick up a bottle or two today.Perfectly Sweet:

Drink What You Like:

That’s right, drink whatever it is that you enjoy drinking. It does’nt matter if it’s white wine or if it’s red wine. As long as you have Jesus in your hearts, everything will be fine. The two wines that I have listed here for you, are both a reasonable price.

I am not trying to break the bank here, just trying to help you by giving you what I like to drink. Of course, if you don’t like what I have, you can always shop for something that you have in mind. The links will get you there, you do not have to purchase those products. These two wines are simply the wines that my family and I enjoy drinking.

Perhaps you do not like to drink alcohol, that is perfectly fine. There are plenty of non- alcoholic beverages on the market today. Welches sparkling grape juice is a good one. I have bought that to serve to kids, so they thought they were getting the same as the adults. Here is another good non-alcoholic wine to try. Fre Alcohol- Removed Chardonnay

Have A Happy Easter:

I want each and every one of you to have a blessed and happy easter, no matter how you decide to celebrate. I hope that you teach your children the true meaning of easter. At least when they are old enough to understand. For now let them enjoy being young and believing in the easter bunny, that brings candy to them. Hopefully you enjoyed turning water into wine craft with me today.

Remember to drink responsibly, and never drink and drive. The life you save may very well be your own. Sincerely: John D. Have a blessed weekend my friends.

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