Wine Is Fine, But Liquor Is Quicker:

Wine is fine, but liquor is quicker, a great line in the song suicide solution by Ozzy Ozbourne. We are not talking about suicide today. I have my heart set on something more fun, cocktails of course. So, stick around for a while, won’t you?

My Favorite Booze:My Favorite booze

Well if you don’t know me, Jim Beam has always been my go to for a buzz. Way back in high school when everyone was going to the old logging trail to hang out, and drink. They were all chugging down Jack Daniel’s of course. Me being who I am, I was never one to follow the crowd. This leads me to my favorite booze.

Jim Beam, now do not get me wrong. I like Jack Daniel’s just as much as the next guy or gal. It’s, just that I was always different from everyone else. No I’m not gay, if that is what you were thinking. My father was in the US Navy, so we moved around a lot. When we finally got to New York state, I was not accepted at school. If you did not start there in kindergarten, you were considered an outsider.

By the time I hit high school, I had found my own way in life. Once I was finally a part of the crowd, I already had my favorite booze. So, when, all the others were drinking Jack Daniel’s I was drinking Jim Beam. I simply found Jim Beam to be a smoother taste. It gets aged a bit longer so it comes out smoother than old#7. Before I move on, I should point out that Jim Beam is aged in used barrels bought from Jack Daniel’s. So, in essence Jim Beam and Jack Daniel’s are brothers, or in the least first cousins.

My Second Favorite:My Second Favorite

Yup, you guessed it, good old ( #7 ) Mr. Jack Daniel’s. See I told you, I like Jack Daniel’s just as much as the next person. It does not matter where in the country you go, or what bar you visit, every whiskey slinger know how to make a cocktail or two with Jack Daniel’s. Unless, of course, you visit the county that it is distilled in. The county that they make Jack Daniel’s in is considered a dry county. That means that they can not sell alcohol.

Just imagine, you work all day distilling one of America’s best sold alcoholic beverages, and at the end of the day, you have to travel out of town to get drink. But, that is how it is. As far as I know, the same people have been working in the distillery forever. I guess there are worse jobs out there to have.

Drink What You Like:

If you are just starting to explore alcohol, I would suggest trying different types of alcohol to see what you like. The best way that I have found to this, is to purchase the airline bottles. They are like little samples you can get in just about any liquor store you go into.Airline Bottle You can usually find them in the front of the store. And they are reasonably priced, so you can buy several of them at one time. I do not suggest that you drink them all at one time. You won’t figure out which one’s you like, you will just end up getting drunk. But, hey if that is what you are after, then who am I to stand in the way?

A little side note for you. Airline bottles of whiskey, make a great stocking stuffer for the holidays. Every year my sister-inlaw throws an ugly sweater party around Christmas time. Everyone who attends the party is required to bring a sock full of stuff. Most of us go to a dollar store and buy little trinkets. And some end up at a liquor store. I just about always end up with one of the socks full of the airline bottles. I am starting to think that the girls want to get me drunk.

Have Some Fun:

Whatever it is that you decide to do, have some fun with it. You can still drink and have a good time, just as long as you do not get to a point where you feel like you are ten feet tall and bullet proof. I have a news flash for you, you are not ten feet tall and bullet proof. Being out friends or family, and having a cocktail or two should be a fun time. When you drink a little more then you should have, sometimes we can feel invincible. Alcohol allows us to lose our inhibitions, so we end up doing stupid things. Then when we wake up in the morning, we realize we did some things that we regret. This happens quite often when we are younger in our years. I am just giving you youngsters fair warning. You will more then likely do some stupid things after a night out on the town, drinking with friends.

There is some good news though, you will become wiser with age. Sure, shake your head and laugh at me, I do not mind. Just remember that this old bird was once a young man. And let me tell you, I did some stupid things when I was young. Heck, I still do some stupid things. I would tell the stupid things that I did, but we do not have the time for it. We would be here all day, and night. I’m sure that you can probably relate to this, can’t’t you?Having Fun I sometimes think as adults we should look back when we were children. Remember the fun we had and the games we played? Think about it this way, what the eight-year-old versions of ourselves think of us today? Would we like the person we have become? Or would our eight-year-old versions want to kick our buts? I am pretty darn sure that mine would want to kick my butt from end of the room to the other end. Wine is fine but liquor is quicker, this is true. That does not mean that we have to be jerks when we enjoy some cocktails.

Keep In Touch:

As we grow older we lose touch with friends. Would’nt it be nice to reconnect with some of them. Call them up, invite them over for dinner and drinks. Alright, I think I have kept you long enough for now.

Jim Beam Kentucky Straight Bourbon, is, and will always be my favorite cocktail to have. Sure there will be others that I will have, but, they will never hold a candle to that teenage favorite of mine.

No matter what the alcohol industry come out with, Jim Beam will always sit in the front of my liquor cabinet.

Please remember to drink responsibly, and please do not drink and drive

Sincerely: John D. Have a blessed day my friends.

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